Experience With Case for Sony Z150?

Hi, all!

Anyone care to jump into the wayback machine and talk about bags or cases for the Sony Z150? I just picked one up for a backup cam but it did not include a case.

I can look at B&H and see which cases they say are compatible with the Z150 but I'm looking for personal experience. For instance, the Porta Brace DV3 and DV4 are both compatible. Is the DV3 really big enough or would I always be feeling like it's just crammed in there and there's no room for anything else? There are only a couple of reviews for those cases that mention the Z150.

Thanks for your thoughts!

There's nothing special or unusual about the Z150, so any bag with the minimum dimensions is a possible choice.

When I owned a Z150 I used a Petrol bag, that I now use with my Z280. A perfect size, but no longer sold.

Today, I use Sachtler Dr. bags for many of my cameras. I have a Dr. 5 for large rigs (fully-built FX6 with telephoto lens and v-mount battery) and a Dr. 1 for smaller cameras, such as the A1. I'm 99% sure the Dr. 1 would be perfect for the Z150. https://www.sachtler.com/en/product/dr-bag-1/
They are very nice bags.
The size of the bag depends on what accessories you want to use. Small bags are lighter and camera fits more snugly where as larger bag give more flexibility. For example want to permanently leave a shotgun, wind muff & xlr cable attached with headphones. For eng work you can pull out and start recording in seconds. Same for keeping wireless receiver on the camera. Depends on the style of shooting and personal preference. Some prefer to keep accessories in their own case, a modular approach.
For eng work you can pull out and start recording in seconds.
I agree completely. All of my cameras are fully rigged ready to go the minute they come out of the bag. I've never understood why some people waste so much time building and rebuilding their rig every time they want to shoot. Of course there are exceptions for air travel, etc. but otherwise I don't get it. Lots of wasted time and unnecessary wear and tear.

I use a Sony ECM-MS2 short shotgun on my Z280 (and Z150 before that) that works great for nat-sound and doesn't extend any longer than the lens hood, so it's easy to get into small cases like the ones I mentioned above.

My fully-built FX6, on the other hand, is a pretty big rig for such a small camera body and requires the biggest Sacthler Dr. 5 bag they make. Camera, Zacuto Gratical, V-mount adapter and battery, 200-600mm lens, etc. But the size of the bag is worth the convenience of keeping it full rigged at all times.
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