Encore DVD compression problem...


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Hey everybody...I am have a real problem here with encore ver 1.0. I cut in avid xpress 4.6, compress to mpeg2 in sorenson 4.0 and from my understanding, it should not need to be compressed anymore because it is a DVD ready mpeg2 format, as specified in sorenson. For some reason, when I put it into encore DVD it wants to compress it again, I cannot burn a disc without doing that first. And the thing that really sucks about it is that encore compression SUCKS...it leaves all sorts of audio pops and sporatic freeze frames. I mean its "watchable" but come on. Has anyone ran into this and can you help me out. THanks!!
Re: Encore DVD compression problem...

If you are sure your compression settings are good in with soreson then the only thing I can think of is that the file is too big for 1 disc. If this isn't it you might want to just give on encore (like I did) and try something like DVD Architect. This using the same encoder as premiere (mainconcept) and has all the options you could ask for (like custome menu screens).