Documentary on PBS filmed with AF100

Yes unfortunately the DMV area does not carry the channel. But you should be able to stream it directly from that page or with the PBS app if you have it.
Great to see there's some life in the old girl. My AF100 has laid idle in her case since I got an EVA1. But your work looks great.

Can you comment on what scene settings and lenses you used?

- Greg
Thanks! I actually switched over to an FS7 about two years ago, so haven't used the AF100 since then. I can't remember exactly the settings any longer, but I'm pretty sure I used BPress and turned down all of the sharpening.

Honestly though, after the film was picture locked, I was pretty happy with the look but not blown away. But once we had it professionally graded, I was really surprised by what came out of the image. There was lots of detail left in the shadows (I tended to shoot to protect the highlights with the AF100), which allowed for more apparent dynamic range than I had ever expected.
Nice work! I've always admired the AF100 but went the GH4/G85 route for similar results. I much prefer the AF100's "real" video camera form factor compared to mirrorless but have just learned to adapt to the mirrorless experience.
Congrats on getting your docco out there! AF100 never got the love it deserved, we hammered ours up until we got the EVA
lot of people I know who went from 5Dmk2 to the AF100 seemed to have unrealistic expectations of what the
camera would be capable of, there was a lot of almost new AF100's on eBay not long after release
Trailer looks great. Hope we get the film in Europe. Fine that the lady is still shooting. May awake mine again... ;-)
Great job, I hope the locals win in their battle to protect and regrow the forest. Yiur film looks wounderful, nice exposure and framing.
It is not very public here:

We're sorry, but this video is not available in your region due to rights restrictions.

Edit: and downvoting this post won't help that.
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Looks fine here in Central Florida, all I gad to do was answer the Qs regarding call letters of local Florida PBS in Gainesville.

By the way, did you find it a PITA to have to open the AG-AF100 LCD every time to turn power on ?
Also, for power, isn't it odd no external power port, you have to get a battery eliminator that sits in the
battery port and run cable to the new CORE battery (almost $300) OR try using old Anton Baur Elipz battery
which put out about 7.3 volts.

Sorry it's been a a few years since I've used the AF100, but I don't remember needing to open the LCD to turn it on so you may want to get that checked out.