Dobro Instruction DVD


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I have been asked to shoot an instructional video for a dobro player and I have a couple questions.

First off, I will probably record the sound separate for the best quality and most number of audio channels, so my question is, what is the simplest way to record separate sound? There will be a lot of starting and stopping so should I slate every new start? Also, any info on keeping all the video and audio files organized would be helpful.

My second question is, how much should I charge. I know this is really subjective but If the person is wanting a finished dvd(authored to some extent) that is quite time consuming for a 60 min teaching dvd.

And finally, most instructional dvds have a MASTER, a CU on the right hand and a CU on the left hand. Say, I decided to do the shoot with multiple cameras can somebody give me an idea of how to keep everything organized and together at that point. I think I should just be able to get the master in sync with the audio then pull in the multiple cameras into the project and edit all the 3 cutting back when I need a CU.

As you can tell I haven't done much multicam shooting, usually it is just a dvx and a mic plugged into the dvx.

Anyway, any info about these or any questions that I may not have thought of(LOL) would be greatly appreciated.

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