Data/video backup solutions

Matt Agnello

New member
I'm looking for some possible setups for data backup. I'm currently running a Macbook Pro Intel Core Duo, 100 GB hard drive with all my software (FCP, etc), and 2x 300 GB external hard drives, one for extra personal files and Time Machine backup, the other for video projects. I'm looking for a way to backup all of that data (video + personal + MBP drive).

I've been reading up on Time Capsule and the Airport Extreme Base Station + hard drive solutions. I like the idea of just letting Time Machine take care of my hard drives and my laptop, but there are some problems. Both the Capsule and the Base Station seem to be sub-par, depending on who you talk to. Backing up wirelessly ruins your wireless connection, and occasionally the Base Station just doesn't work correctly.

There's the option to buy a bunch of hard drives and mirror each -- a cheaper solution than the above, and one with less moving parts, but also more of a hassle.

I was curious what most people do when they move beyond having only one external hard drive for video projets and other media, and I'd be especially curious if anyone uses Time Machine for video backup and what their setup is.