Crazy idea for unusual lens


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I don't know who here is familiar with the Fujicarex camera and lenses. I wasn't until a few days ago. Anyway, I've found one for sale at a low price that has three lenses with it. The problem with this is that it seems the lenses only work with this one camera and the focus wheel is part of the camera itself. So here's my crazy idea: How possible would it be to take the mount off the Fuji camera and put it on any cheap EF adapter to use on my 550D? I have my doubts that this would be a good idea, but I'm always interested in unique lenses and the images they create.

So, does anyone have any thoughts?
From memory, that camera had a fixed rear lens element in camera, and the three front lenses which were changeable.

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If you want to play with weird lenses, I'd recommend a m43 or e-mount camera body... lots of older models are available for as cheap or cheaper than your 550D. You can save a lot of time and fuss with available lens adapters.

That said, Fujicarex is a bit of an odd duck and, yep, you'd likely have to chop up a body to get something functional. It's been done before with similar body-dependent camera/lens systems.

If you just want to play, do so and report back