CF card reader problems

Wondering if anyone has experienced this. Been using my 5dMKII for awhile w/ sandisk extreme 32gb cf card without a problem. However, was recently trying to offload pics and video into my Macbook pro and the offload seemed to sputter and crash the computer. When I rebooted, the card was not readable on the comp. Also, the card now says it isn't 'formatted' when I try to read it on my 5dMII. However, when I pop the card into my old (non-video shooting) 5D, the pics on the card can be viewed and downloaded. However, the video cannot be read. No video files pop up w/in the camera, or are recognized on the laptop. It's as if they've disappeared. I tried sandisk RescuePro but it can't read the card. Suggestions anyone (other than use smaller cards; I will from now on!)?