Canon XF705 "AF Lock" Enable?


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Is there a way to enable AF Lock on the Canon XF705?
I can't find it anywhere in the menu.

This is a feature I use regularly on my C200 and in the past, the C300 & C100.

Having AF Tracking on all the time without the ability to temporarily turn it off can de detrimental in low-light or dynamic shoots.
MF boosted AF with One Shot AF just doesn't seem as fast and effective to operate for live events and documentary work.
Has to be in the menu somewhere as an assignable command/button.

IDR what it's called but it's in their $1700-ish G60 fixed-lens prosumer camera.
I haven't actually used the 705 but I studied its capabilities pretty closely when it came out as it was a possible contender. I did notice it has a "Push AF" button. It looks like the it works in a similar fashion to the Push AF on the Sony FS7. In which case it would work in reverse as to your description. You work in manual mode but if you need a quick refocus to a new framing just hold the Push AF button until the camera hits focus and then release the pressure off the button. On the Sony with its 18-110 lens this Push AF gets you to the focus point pretty quickly. If you then need to do a final focus correction to follow someone you can easily just manually track them. Or just hold the Push AF to follow them, given sufficient light, until movement stops and the release and then you are back in manual focus mode. Like a focus lock but in reverse. Page 77 in the 705 manual. Or maybe try the AF-Boosted MF mode.

Chris Young
Canon cameras are known to have a special pause button/command that toggles DPAF. (Sony mirrorless' have it too.)

It's really useful and that's what he/she is probably talking about.

Push AF is something else (also nice for when you need it).
Sorry, I'm just seeing this (I don't always revisit every thread).

So I don't remember much about the XF705 (used it once). The fixed-lens prosumer Canon camera that I owned was the G60 and it's called the "AF/MF" function that's set by default on button #1 on the camera.

As you can imagine, if you press it the camera starts or stops auto-focusing. It's basically a toggle which is what the DSLRs had first for a long time.

Found here on page 46 if you'd like to take a look:

On the mirrorless'/DSLR cameras it's known as the "Pause Movie Servo AF" function.

Both do the same thing but it's much easier on the stills cameras because they also have a touchscreen pause button as well.

I quickly scanned the XF705 manual and I didn't find anything either, so maybe it doesn't have it (or it's not written about in detail).