Canon R5 with Atomos Neon and 8K?


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Will Canon and Atomos add support for the R5 with the Neon and new 8K master control unit? I read the R5 can run for 4 hours without any overheating problems with the Ninja V if you rmoeve the memory cards from the camera.
This would be a good way to access the R5 8K RAW.

Anyone know?
It would be all up to Canon...and probably highly unlikely. But I'm sure Atomos would be open to working with them and getting CRM/CRL development going into their hardware (if it's even possible over HDMI).

If anything, maybe we'll see some ProRes RAW.
The R5 HDMI output is currently limited to 4K 60fps @ 10-bit 4:2:2 sampling. It does not have any RAW output options for external recording.

Canon seems like they have been moving away from external RAW recording options since they started doing internal RAW. I think the last camera they released with external RAW was the C700 which required a CODEX recorder (a camera which reportedly didn't sell all that well). Their recent camera releases like the C200, C300 Mark III, and C500 Mark II all had internal RAW without any external RAW output options. Perhaps they see this as a differentiator since Sony and Panasonic cameras do not have any internal RAW recording options, but I'm not sure.

One other issue is that I don't believe the Atomos Neon 8K master control unit (MCU) is actually shipping yet. It was announced back in 2019, but I have not heard any updates about it since. When the Sony FX9 was announced, Atomos said that the 8K MCU would be the way to record 16-bit linear RAW output from the camera. And then they decided to implement 12-bit log RAW recording (from 16-bit linear input) on the Shogun 7 instead and have stopped talking about the 8K MCU. So I have no idea what their plans are for that unit.

Note that the least expensive Atomos Neon monitor is a 17-inch model which costs $4000 (without the 8K MCU add-on), so it's not exactly a very portable or inexpensive setup.