C100 mk ii using vintage or cine lens


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I've read the manual nothing on working with vintage or cine lens. Do you have tips for setting the aperture when working with either vintage or cine lens?

The same tip applies to all cameras/lenses for the last 100 years; if your sensor needs as much light as possible with no other incoming light, you shoot wide-open (usually sacrificing some sharpness with most lenses) and choose the ISO/gain you're most comfortable with (as far as the amount of noise). If you're adding light, you use the aperture that's right or ideal for what you're doing (shallow vs. deep DOF).
Thanks Norbro and Zachadoodle.

Should have added the reason for asking the question.

Nikon D750 has a feature for adding lens data(Lens mm and maximum aperture). Removing the need to manually adjust the lens aperture. Since both Cameras entered the market in 2014, I expected the feature to be in the C100 mk ii.

Zachadoodle thanks for clearing that up.
Nikon has had non-CPU lens data since at least 2003, and I'm not sure why none of their competitors copied them, especially with the popularity of adapting vintage lenses and using focal reducers.

I use one of the front function buttons on my D7000 to cycle between my saved non-CPU lenses.

If you put a Nikon AI or AIS lens on your D750, you will have to manually set the aperture with the ring on the lens, as the aperture wheel on the grip won't have any effect.

On pro and prosumer Nikon DSLRs, you can set the aperture of D-series lenses with the aperture wheel on the grip or aperture ring on the lens or let the camera choose the aperture in shutter priority mode, but any other kind of camera will require you to manually set the aperture ring of a manual lens.