Building a GPI trigger


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I would like to remotely trigger my computer (hit return) to start recording narration from my audio booth to my copmuter workstation (into Sound Forge or into AVID).

Has anyone built a GPI trigger that allows this or does anyone make such a device. I believe something would have to be built using the serial port ...


FYI, GPI = (general purpose interface)
Re: Building a GPI trigger

I'm sure you can find something like this on the net somewhere. I personally have a wireless mouse and keyboard. well, I got a deal on it for like 20 bucks. It works pretty good.
Re: Building a GPI trigger

You're the 2nd person to recommend the wireless keyboard/mouse method -- sounds good to me -- but does this work by line of sight or RF ?? My VO booth is not in sight of the computer.

I'll try to bum a friends wireless keyboard to test it out ...

Thanks !

I still don't see why there isn't a GPI built specifically for this purpose ...
Re: Building a GPI trigger

You could also use 2 PCs, networked. Remote control can be accomplished using a number of different methods.

Me, I'd write a teeny tiny server on the target machine, and control whatever via a web-page interface.

'Course I'm one of those programming geeks. ;D

Re: Building a GPI trigger

Well -- it's a VO booth --- so having a PC in there with the mic kinda defeats the purpose of being isolated from the PC's noize -- neat idea though, but I'm quite the programming idiot.

actually having a keyboard in there takes up way more space than just having a push button -- but if it works, that could be the only solution to running back and forth to start and stop the recording.
Re: Building a GPI trigger

I'm just stupid... There's a program out there called VNC (or FreeVNC nowadays, I think). Like PCAnywhere, but free. You could just remote the desktop with no need to do anything else.

Oh, and keep the PC out of the booth, leaving just the keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

But if space is an issue, maybe not. :(