Avid releases Studio Toolkit w/ Blu-ray authoring!


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Enhanced solution delivers Blu-ray authoring tools and enhanced 3D and FX capabilities

Tewksbury, Mass – October 11, 2006 – Avid Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVID) today announced the availability of version 5.6 of Avid® Studio Toolkit, which delivers significant enhancements to a set of tightly integrated, industry-leading software applications, including Avid 3D, Avid FX, and Avid DVD by Sonic™. Avid Studio Toolkit is the first multi-format solution for simultaneous DVD and Blu-ray Disc™ authoring, designed specifically for professional film and video editors looking to create and deliver projects in high-definition (HD).

“An end-to-end HD workflow for independent professionals is finally here,” said Patrick McLean, senior product manager for Avid. “With increasing numbers of professional editors looking to create content and output finished projects in HD, this release of Avid Studio Toolkit comes at a perfect time. With Blu-ray™ support, Avid is offering the first editing solution to make it very easy for independent professionals to deliver their projects in a beautiful HD quality, on a low-cost distribution medium.”

The Blu-ray Disc format, now supported in Avid Studio Toolkit 5.6, will enable recording and playback of HD video, and has more than five times the storage capacity of traditional DVDs – holding up to 25GB on a single-layer disc. Plus, with more than 1,500 customizable title, effects and transition templates, Avid Studio Toolkit is ideal for content creators who want to infuse their work with powerful 3D effects and sophisticated visuals, using any system in the new Media Composer® family, as well as Avid Xpress® Pro or Avid NewsCutter ® systems. With Avid Studio Toolkit, professionals will be able to expand the range of creative services they offer to their customers by delivering more compelling graphics, composites, titles, and effects, and distributing completed projects to tape, DVD, Blu-ray Disc or the Web.

* Blu-ray Disc AuthoringBreak out with Blu-ray Disc authoring. Distribute your productions in beautiful HD quality on the latest generation Blu-ray Disc format. Capture from any HD source, edit, author in interactive HD and burn high-definition discs, all in your Avid editing suite. It’s that easy. And only Avid Studio Toolkit has it today.

* Add dazzling titles and effects. No more juggling applications. Avid Studio Toolkit integrates 1,500 title and effects templates, over 110 image filters, raster and vector paint tools, EPS import, multiple compositing modes, motion tracking, rotoscoping—and more—all inside the Avid editing timeline.

* Jump right in to 3D graphics. Busy video editors can skip the learning curve and start creating stunning 3D animations right away. Energize titles and graphics with easy-to-use 3D title tools and tons of 3D models that you can animate, light, and customize with lens flares, warps, deformations, and more.

Avid Studio Toolkit requires an Avid Media Composer, Avid Xpress Pro, or Avid NewsCutter editing system. Studio Toolkit is a PC only suite.


Avid has re-jiggered the xpress pro prodcut line. It now goes:

Xpress Pro $1495
Xpress Pro Mojo PowerPack - Xpress pro Software, Studio Toolkit & Mojo) $2495 (after rebate)

The Xpress pro / Mojo bundle is being discontinued. It was a holiday promo from 2004 that never went away ;-). It is not being replaced in the product lineup. Neither is the Xpress Pro Powerpack (xpro software and Studio toolkit).

As dealers sell out of these bundles, they will go away.

I gather the Studio Toolkit has incorporated some version or other of Boris FX. I've never been clear on which Boris package did what. I'm interested in compositing right in Avid. Will Toolkit allow for this? Or is that a separate Boris package.
Avid FX is the same thing as Boris RED.

I'm pretty sure that the Toolkit package, or just buying a copy of Boris RED, will allow you the compositing power of RED on your Avid Timeline. It's a pretty good system too.

EDIT TO ADD: One thing to be aware of is that even though you're applying a RED effect right on your Avid timeline, all of your work is still done in Boris's interface. You can just launch that from inside Avid. You will not be using Avid's own Effects Editor this way. If you want to stick with the Avid Effects Editor then you want Continuum Complete.