Avid export of Hvx200 footage

I have a project shot on HVX200 imported into avid via P2 and the footage looks great. How do i export the 30 seconds spot that I cut. Do I export a quicktime and then import that into another project so i can record a Beta or mini dv? What is the best way to output or convert.
This is what works for me.
1)Shoot on HVX 200 1080i 24p on FS100
2)Import MXF using Media Tool into 10801 59.94 project and edit as normal.
3)Export final edit to After Effects using HD settings, do compositing work.
4)Render to Avid Dnxhd.
5)Open new project in Avid 24p NTSC and import the files.
6)The rendered edit should play back beautifully through the Mojo.