Are there any XHA1s still in use?

Sold mine long ago, but used one yesterday on an indoor shoot with controlled lighting. Still great camera!
Just bought my first cam after years as a still photog....this was my choice based off of price, features, inputs, zoom, etc. Now if I can just learn how to set it up properly and shoot some good video...
i still have this camera and love it. i have mark iii also but there is something about this cam that makes me want to keep it.
We use it a lot, over it's component out to our VMIX software video mixer. Great cam, I'm now even looking to buy some more of them.
I have a very nice XHA1 I don't use a lot, so if you are interested in buying mine, let me know. I have 2 Panasonics with time stamp I mainly use to shoot legal video.
The XH-A1 is (even now) still a solid cam. I sold mine a few months ago and switched to a Canon C100, mostly for low-light performance and lens-interchangeability reasons, but I've seen several recent examples of the XH-A1 still going strong.

I shot a short narrative in early 2014 that only recently made it into some film festivals. Projected on a big screen, it held up well against films shot on newer, more expensive rigs like a C300.

I was recently at a Harvard graduation ceremony, and the production company the school hired to cover the gig used half a dozen XH-A1s.

Point being, these are still useful cameras for many types of jobs. You've got to work a little harder on lighting, finding the ideal preset can be a pain, and using a tape-based workflow is a bit antiquated now, but this is still a good 1080p cam that produces great images. I used mine for five years and got a lot of mileage from it.
The XH-A1 is still an amazing camera, especially for the money. It's rock solid in terms of reliability, produces a great image out of the box and it's cheap. Many don't know about the XH-G1 which is the identical camera with ENG connections on it. This gives you HD-SDI which when combined with an external recorder still makes for a rig that's relevant and inexpensive.

In terms of reliability though there's not much that can touch the XH cameras. The Z1U would be the closest comparison and it suffers from a myriad of lens and tape transport issues. If cheap HD is the name of the game the XH-A1 is your camera.

And geez, that sounds like a spammy post. I just really like that camera. :)
I know this is an old post, but I wanted anyone who still has an XH-A1 to k me that I still use this camera all the time. in fact it's funny how as this camera got older, modern video cameras really dont look as good as this system. if you shoot night scenes the xha1 will be clean and beautiful compared to other cameras. I remember first buying this camera and at the time no one raved about its lowlight abilities.