Any tips for Zoom H4 users?


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Hi I've searched all around and found some good suggestions but wanted to see if anyone else had input...especially now that the Zoom units are becoming even more popular. I am going to be booming an Oktava MK012 and recording to a Zoom H4. I've been testing the following settings so far: stereo mode with the mono mix on, Gain switch set to L, Compressor turned on. The results seem ok but I am wondering if anyone else has found optimal settings for booming an interior scene with dialouge only? Should I be using a different gain setting? I'm also curious if I should be using the Low Cut filter option? Thanks in advance for the help!
I haven't used one of these devices but my advice based on your question would be to run an additional lav mic on your talent or an extra boom into your other mic input. That way your post guy has some options. In terms of your lowcut, I would turn it on, listen a bit, turn it off listen more and repeat. If it doesnt hurt your sound then leave it on. Some cut filters create unwanted hiss. If you dont use the lowcut, your post guy most probably will. As for the compressor. I cant speak for your level of experience but better be safe than sorry IMHO, a great rule of thumb is "Dont scramble your eggs before you have to". I would record your audio raw, clean and as hot as you can. Keep your boom really close to your speaker. If the dialogue needs compression, it can later be added, but can not be removed if you track with it running.


If you have the original H4, as opposed to the H4n, you're in for a little bit of disappointment. Don't get me wrong... I own, use, and love my H4, but the pre-amps are noisy. If you have a mixer in front and send line level to the H4, you'll be fine.