AF100 Book BLOWOUT Sale!


Hey all, I'm overstock on The AF100 Book. Originally listed at $89.95, I'm blowing them out at my Amazon store...


(plus the option of free shipping in the USA if you order over $35 worth of stuff)

To order, just click HERE to go to the product listing on Amazon. This price won't last forever, so -- if you want one, get it now! :)
I thought it was new book about how to avoid blowing out the highlights on an AF100 Barry :tongue:
I am a new AF100 user in the UK. I recently purchased The AF100 DVD, which is excellent!! This DVD has accelerated my learning immensely. I was wondering if there is additional information in the book or does it contain the same material as the DVD? Many thanks!
It's pretty much the same, just presented in a different format. Some people prefer to have a book to refer to in the field, some don't want to read and prefer to watch an interactive presentation, so I made both. Glad you like the DVD!
Received the book last week and even though I have the DVD already, the purchase was well worth it. Great reference guide to keep in the camera bag, especially for people like me still learning the camera. I had a brain freeze when trying to use the white balance presets recently and one flick through the book solved the issue for me instantly.
Amazon, for some reason, will not ship books to Canada, at least as part of the Fulfillment By Amazon program. They'll ship nearly anything else, but not books. Must be some sort of tax treaty or something. Amazon ships my books to just about any country in the world, but they will not ship 'em to Canada.
Any chance to get this book here in germany/europe? Because I want to avoid shipping costs from the US. Would also consider to buy it used if there is someone here who wants to sell it. Thanks :)