addicted to the 50mm 1.2

Mike Kobal

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shot during my editorial shoot. Just got the iDC run&gun and used it on this shoot. Love it.
very simple and lets me switch btw taking photos and video w/o equiptment change.
thanks for watching.
Nice! I'm not a fan of dof this shallow but if anyone can make it work its Mr Kobal. Work that bokeh !
sick! more! 50 1.2 is my fav for photography but scary shallow with video. I gotta try using it more often.
thanks Simon! @abasfly, it might be true but I am more concerned whats in front of my lens than abstract tech data. I would have shot it with the 1.4 or even 1.8 if the focusing ring wouldn't be so crappy, practically useless for a clean focus pull, my real reason for using the 1.2 isn't 1.2 but the focusing ring and the a large turning radius. why not the zeiss 1.4 you will probalby ask, I love the zeiss, great bokeh, small and the best feel for focusing, but no af. if you have to shoot 3000 or 4000 pictures in a day, not sure about you, but i want af. For now I find the 1.2 the best combo lens, for video and photo shoots.
I still shoot some fashion myself, so I appreciate having your styling and look together. Nice job, really. Everything looks great.
However, I have found for myself, the biggest difficulty going beyond a perfume ad aesthetic, is taking the next step into something that has a story.
Fashion films are hopefully moving in this direction. I know you were on an editorial stills assignment, but would love to see what you could do, taking it a little further.
Nice job, in any case.
thank you, yoclay. yes, def the goal to get there at some point, itching to do something more story based, I think it is very difficult at this point - the models aren't ready yet, the time it would take is too much for them. I shot the editorial and the video clip in one afternoon, about 31/2 hours. This includes styling, make up and hair changes. I notice a big difference when shooting a model with acting ambitions vs just a model. I guess wait and see and jump at the opportunity once it arises.