Adapting Minolta lenses


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I know what everyone's already thinking. "It's impossible. Don't bother." Well today I found a 58mm F1.4 Minolta lens for the equivalent of around $5, so I wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to get a fast lens for such a low price. So my question is about what adapter I can use. There are the ones with glass that allow for infinity focus at the expense of image quality. Now I don't want to do that so one without glass seems to be the way to go. Lack of infinity focus isn't an issue for me as I have a 50mm that I can use for any shots that need it. I've seen a glass-less adapter on eBay here:

But in the description it says just for macro shooting. What kind of focusing distance would I have with an adapter like this? Obviously I don't want to only use this lens for macro shooting. I can see it being good for many situations (except of course for landscapes).
Hmm, that's not much good. I read somewhere that with a bit of work it's possible to replace the actual mount on Minolta lenses. I don't know if I'd want to do that with a nice lens like this one. Are there any other adapters out there?
There's probably an online calculator somewhere which would allow you to work it out - the adapter is bascially acting as an extension tube, probably about 7mm deep, should be able to input that and the focal length and find out the focus range?
Don't trust on that.. You get no focus on infinity - it is phisically impossible..

You can do MD -> EOS modification... but it is not easy..but is possibble ( half mm difference ).. you will need friend with mashineshop..

search google...
I thought so. But now in doing some research I came across this:

And the video on how it works:

Unfortunately no examples are given of how well it works on the camera. I do like the fact that it's non-destructive. However it is a lot more expensive than the M42 method. I haven't seen any other mentions of this adapter which makes me nervous. Presumably it's either an undiscovered gem or something so awful it must be avoided at all costs.
Lack of infinity focus isn't a big issue for me. I mainly want this as a portrait lens. The problem with making my own mount is that I have no access to the proper tools. Every guide I've seen on how to do it calls for Dremels and lathes and drill presses. So as long as I can focus up to at least a few metres in front of the lens I'm happy.
Thanks for that. I'll look it over when I've got a chance. Unfortunately math formulas with letters in them make my brain go soggy.
It is not that hard.. The lens should be closer to the sensor half mm on EOS, than with Minolta MD.. so the plate of new mount should be half mm tinner.. you can do it with caliper and sanding paper..but the problem remains with drilling the holes..
Jo calibrate lens at the is in that video..