AC adapter wanted

I use the Anton Bauer Tandem and Sony has something similar. The Hedbox dc-80 travel charger has a xlr adapter that should work with the if box.
Thanks guys! Appreciate it! RayZan have you personally used the Core SWX Cube 200 Power Supply on the F35?

Yes. I have one. Works flawlessly. For both F35 and F65 and it's super light. You'll need to a cable that has 4 pin xlr on one end and the 8 pin lemo one for the camera on the other end. I made mine myself.
RayZan from your experience do you believe this cable would do the trick?

Unfortunately not. I also was looking for a ready made one and could not find it. So I had to solder my own. On the XLR pin 4 is +ve and 1 is -ve. On the Sony 8 pin, I have to lookup what it was. You only need to solder 2 of the 8 pins. After that, verify with a voltmeter that you have the polarity right. If you reverse them, you'll damage the camera. I'll lookup carefully what the 8 pin was. But someone here might know already.