5D Mark III Short "All We've Built" chosen for the Cannes Short Film Corner

Thomas W Miller

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I posted a trailer for this probably a month ago, but here's the final version:


The film was selected for the Cannes International Short Film Corner and you can read some articles about the filming here and here

We shot/edited/scored/colored etc the film in about two days starting a few hours after we picked up the Mark III. I don't think I got the most of the Mark III that I could have, but I really liked having slo-mo in camera and the iso performance. It was a breeze to work with!

I'd love to hear some critiques/thoughts on the piece.
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Hi Thomas,

I'm curious to know what your goals with the piece are. Is this something that you're hoping to expand on or turn into a feature sometime in the near future? Also, will you be travelling to Cannes with it? I'm asking this because, to be honest, it doesn't really seem like the 5 minute format worked all that well for the piece. Technically, the film was great and it set up a fairly interesting world, but that was all it really did. The entire story consisted of "Guy wants to get dead girlfriend's necklace, guy gets dead girlfriend's necklace". There was never any conflict or obstacles for him to overcome, and I never got a sense that he was in any kind of danger.

If it were me, and I wanted to make something bigger out of this, I would be telling people that it's a demo/preview/teaser for a feature and not a short. Use it to show off how you're able to create a fairly convincing post-apocalyptic world on no budget (I'm assuming) and give potential investors an idea for the mood and style you're going for.
Ah yes I caught that, I thought it looked familiar. It was part of the Campus Moviefest section right?

I was watching a few films (friend starred in the 2nd Prize cinefondation winner Abigail) so I am all short filmed out at the moment.

In regards to critiques/thoughts on the piece - well it's very hard to say because creatively, films are personal and art.

I would suggest you watch and make more films to know the film language inside out, prepare your technical knowledge, get great performances etc because every elements in this short needs to be refined. To compete, the level of short film-making must be as good as, if not better, than the big features you see in the big cinema so... it's alot of practice doing and hard work. Good luck :)