5D III post sharpening vs light in camera sharpening


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Filmed at 24fps all-i. Faithful, -4 contrast and -2 saturation. Shot at is 3200, f4 with 24-105mm f4 IS L lens at around 35mm.



One image uses in-camera sharpening of "1" and no post-sharpening. The other uses 0 in camera sharpening, and unsharp mask in post with an amount of "30" and a radius of "1".

Which do you think if which? Which image do you prefer?
I can also notice a color shift between the two pics. Is there a change in white balance. Second one is better sharpness wise and wb wise. I tend to believe this is the post sharpened image. But not sure about that
the halos are not as pronounced as the terrible noise. compare the white wall and the box, noisy as hell, bet they'll look crazy in motion. i'll stick to incamera sharpening to get a cleaner image.
Why would a guy with the name nikon_obsessed want Canon users to listen to his advice?


The consensus around the net from the experts is turn off the sharpening in the camera and do it in post.