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I asked Jarred to make this forum, and with everyones support, it kinda happened.

I was a photographer for years before i became a DP. So natually i was instantly drawn to the prospect of a 35 adapter, when i first heard about them year and a half ago. Like anything technichal, i became instantly obsessed. And i havent shut up about them since.

But heres a few things, like any forum up here on DVXuser, lets all remeber these are just our opinions. 35 adpapters for some reason spark zealous devotion, to the makers, and their users. Which is fine, but remeber were all friends here, so play nice, Or....... we gonna have some problems..... ;)

Secondly, after using almost every adapter under the sun, i came to a VERY important relisation, and thats that there is no "best" 35 adapter. Each and everyone is different, thats a VERY good thing. I stopped trying to find the "best one" and instead found the one that gave me my favorite look. The beauty of the 35 adapter is that aside from great Dof, More lattitude, and the ability to use cool lenses, they lend the footage a distict look. This look varies widly between systems, so what you have in effect now, is "film stock" choices in Video. Same lens, same camera, different adapter will give you two different looking pieces of footage. Once people get that wrapped around their heads, they will hopefully stop bickering about which is "better".

Also, Like any new piece of technology, many newcomers have questions. So what wound up happening was every day the same questions were asked over and over, with people getting fed up that the same questions were being asked. Granted for oldtimers on a board these threads are annoying, but i remeber 2 years ago when i ddint know what the hell a "master pedestal" was, and these technihcal machines we're so accustomed to can be daunting to learn. So please, Dvxuser is becoming one of the best filmschool on the planet, lets keep people leaning and be nice to the newbies. Thi forum will give them a place to find all this info, instead of having to sift through 25 forums to find the scatterd questions and answers.

Thats it for now,
Enjoy the new forum.

I will be writing up articles and How to's about lenses soon. Enjoy.

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