24p and 24pAdvanced for Avid


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OK here's my questions.
If a client came to me and asked to shoot in 24p and to edit, encode, and author to DVD(Avid, Sorenson, Sonic ReelDVD). Is there more involved,diffenent settings, or drawbacks I may encounter along the way? I usually shoot(Panasonic AG-DVX100b) in the regular 30 fps, and digitize footage from my Panasonic AG-DV2500 to my Avid Xpress Pro HD workstation. That is pretty straight forward.

Now with 24p practice footage I shot(not advanced 24) I opened up a new project and used 23.97, which digitized my 24p stock footage well.I know that in this case the audio will be out of sink 2 frames so you just have to slide the audio down 2 fframes to match it. But when it looks good on the time line sequence, will there be any trouble shoot or drawbacks if I make a quicktime file to import into Sorenson, encode and then author it? How would the DVD look on regular TV? Any glitches, freezes, or problems along the way to the final product?

Im asking this because clients of mine have been asking about the film look on my Panasonic AG-DVX100b...and like shooting and in post production work, working with the 30 fps is a breeze...shoot, dig, edit, encode, author has no problem in the workflow...How about with 24p standard? Is it the same way with you just switching the project to 23.97?

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Shoot 24pAdvanced with your DVX. Create a 23.976 project. Go into your Film and 24p Settings and make sure that Advanced Pulldown removal is selected. Then digitize your footage, edit, encode, etc.

When you encode, you need to specify that it's 23.976 footage. Then you've got a 24 frame workflow from start to finish.

When you shoot 24p Normal mode then you can still achieve the same results, but it's not as clean.

Hope that helps.
Either use a Quicktime Reference, or use the "same as source" option with a regular Quicktime Movie..