$2000-$3000 wireless kit

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Hi all,
I haven't been up on the audio side of things in a while so I'm looking for advice on decent audio kits in the price range of $2000- $3000. Looking for maybe a 4 lav kit if possible.
you could get 4 of the lower end lectros for around $4500, maybe a little less depending on the shop. but thats not including good mics.

4 sennheiser g2's with countryman b6's would cost about $3300 based off of trew audio prices
I'd stick with Trew Audio for G2/G3 wireless systems with Countryman B6 or B3 Lavs... I'm pretty sure they'll beat DVstore by a good margin. Ask for Rob.. I just bought 2 SK500/EW500 G2 wireless systems with B6 and EMW mics...
Yup, G2 all the way, we have 4 sets and they rock! The tone is rich and never get static, we also have the wireless handheld senny too!
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and these all fall under the range of block 700 freq?
I submitted for the G2's and Countryman B6 on the low end and went with Lectosonics hybrids for the high end.
the g2's come in channel sets. channels A and B are under the 700mhz range. but stay away from channel C.

G3 adds Range G (between A & B), which I think is good for the USA.

G3 has a 42MHz switching window (G2 was 36MHz) - and the new 2000 series (replaces G2 500 series) has a massive 75MHz window.

For an on-camera receiver - G3 (and 2000 series) is diversity, G2 isn't.