1DC: 1DC rig: impossible to perfect! Smallrig attempt - any suggestions?


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Hey Guys,
Yes, I'm still working on the 1DC / 1DX blog where we can come together and discuss al this, but in the meantime, I tried to step up my game to a lighter faster cage, the Smallrig 1535 (seen here: https://www.amazon.com/SmallRig®-Qu...&qid=1476859020&sr=8-1&keywords=smallrig+1535 ) and it says specifically for these cameras, it allows access to al functions, but guess what? If you have the hot shoe cheese pate in and the bottom plate in the tripod mount, it is literaly extended all the way forward if you want to allow for swapping batteries. I don't feel safe having the 2x mounting screws in the hotshoe (see attached photo) SO close to the end of the hotshoe, they could easily knock loose, and to neccessiate lining up the side pole, the bottom plate is half off of the base of the 1DC, meaning very little support and twist problems. Has anyone used this set-up? I'm thinking the wooden camera version (twice the price) avoids these issues, has a smaller top cheese plate (I don't need 40 holes,) and isn't the way of the battery, but it's 180% more money. This is literay the most impossibe camera to piece together a rig for - I have the best follow focus and matte box and handle, I'm all in heaven full of rails and an amazing Tilta baseplate, but a simple half cage with quick release seems impossible to find...? I emailed Smallrig and they don't even understand my problem and it's clear the language barrier will not be crossed... ugh. Please show me your 1dc and 1dx solutions - especially with smalrig or wooden camera parts! Thanks!


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