1.0 type Interchangeable Lens Smartphone - Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept


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Well this is interesting... all on a smartphone. It lets you add a Leica M mount (and hence lens) to their 1.0 Type Sensor smartphone. So day to day it's just a normal smartphone, but then you can slap on your mount and lens of choice.

I wonder how popular it is going to be? This trend has the potential to eat into the low end of interchange lens cameras.


PS - I'm guessing it still has the same Video Issue on all the smartphones I've tried:
- No guaranteed Frame Rate (can not lock to your desired FPS, it will fluctuate around but not necessary be exactly what you set).
- No 50fps for us in PAL Land (well some sort of do 25fps)
Very interesting. With the advent of phones featuring multiple cameras to cover wide, normal, and telephoto ranges it seems the market for add-on lenses (e.g., from companies like Moment) has kind of passed. But this is a nice new take on that idea.

Regarding framerate: if you use an app like Filmic Pro (not sure if it's on Android) you can lock in framerate, exposure, focus, and a range of other settings. There are probably a few options out there now, but that was the one I recall using years ago.
Thanks - I've thrown my testing notes away trying to get some working combo on a smartphones (Apple, Samsung, Sony) with all the various apps to match my FX6 and DJI Air 2s. None worked reliably. Tried them all including Filmic Pro (even chatted a fair bit to their support). Gave up and got a DJI Action 2 instead and it just works.
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It's been done before on a Samsung Camera 2. It flopped because the "uniqueness" doesn't really work in a markets where units are sold in tens of millions.

And, beside that, higher grade modern phones have periscope zooms.


And they're good enough for pretty much all non-pros in most situations. And, if you need more, you might as well get a camera.

Where the photo-video cartel failed - intentionally so - is too make a reasonably affordable small sensor camera with a long optical zoom in the RX 100 mode but at half the price. Perhaps the cartel perceived that market niche to be coming under the smartphone manufacturers control where any competition is doomed.
DxO rates smartphones, among other things. Their top current camera for the US/West is Pixel Pro with the score of 147. iPhone 14 Pro Max is a smidgen behind at 146.


Their top overall model is Huawei Mate 50 Pro with the camera score of 149. The improvement, at least, on test scores is vast. A three year old iPhone 11 is at 116.

These are camera specs of Mate 50 Pro - Wide 24mm, F 1.4, 50 MPX.; Ultra Wide 13MPX, 13mm, F 2.2; Tele 90mm, 64 MPX, F3.5. It also has a digital zoom.

A few tips to stabilize frame rates on advanced phones: 1: Use the Filmic Pro app that gives you manual control over video parameters. 2: Lock in manual exposure for every shot. 3. Shoot with the highest quality codec (not necessarily the highest resolution) 4. Put the phone into airplane mode when shooting to stop communication activities from interfering with video functions.
You won't get broadcast stable rates, but it will be within less than +/- 1 frame.