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  1. Charlie Anderson

    Rites of Ash "BURN" - Shot on RED

    Here are some screen grabs from our first red shoot for a band out of DC. Finished the first day of shooting today and we're going back tomorrow to finish up. Man I love this camera :)
  2. Charlie Anderson

    Beretta Jane "Die 4 U" Music Video Shot on the M2X and LEX Thoughts?
  3. Charlie Anderson

    EX-1 gain setting, -3db or 0db?

    I'm working on a feature as an AC using the ex-1 and brevis setup and I distinctly remember reding that -3db is like 0db on the HVX. The DP just bit my head off hen she saw the camera set to -3db and I told her it gives the cleanest image as opposed to 0db which adds noise. Now am I right or wrong?
  4. Charlie Anderson

    From Ruins "Said & Done" music video Shot with the M2X/LEX with Zeiss lenses. Check it out here: Turned out pretty well I think for shooting it last weekend Thoughts?
  5. Charlie Anderson

    Road to Recovery - feature film - dramedy

    We at StrataTek Studios have decided to dedicate 3 weeks or more of our lives to get our first feature off the ground. There's a lot going on with us and we really want to get a feature off the ground before we get too busy paying the bills to make a name for ourselves. Lucky for us this...
  6. Charlie Anderson

    Film I worked on as a P2 Loader in a local paper Pretty nifty, will supply some info about the shoot if people are interested, shot on the HPX3000 :)
  7. Charlie Anderson

    FS DV Media Rig

    $450, not including shipping Same one pictured here: Just never get around to using it these days. Send me a PM or an email,
  8. Charlie Anderson

    So you want to be a loader? AKA P2 Workflow Solutions

    Here’s what I can tell you, right off the bat, do you have pristine organizational skills and the ability to work under pressure even when sh*t hits the fan? If you do and you have a love for filmmaking I can tell you that this will work out for you. Loading is a necessity for this day and age...
  9. Charlie Anderson

    MTVU Best Filmmaker on Campus!

    We made it into the top 25! Click Justin Beckenheimer to see what we have entered Thanks Charlie STS
  10. Charlie Anderson

    FS: Macbook Pro

    About a year and a half old, works great but has a few dings in it (cosmetic only, everything works great). At the time I bought my laptop it was top of the line, spent over $3700 on it, maxed it out the best I could. 2.16 GHz Intel core duo 2gb 667mhz DDR2 SDRAM Running 10.4.11 120GB HDD...
  11. Charlie Anderson

    Cubbiebear screen grabs

    Shot with the M2 / MicroX with lenses listed below. Just run and gun, still working out the kinks of the MicroX since this is the first time I've shot with it.
  12. Charlie Anderson

    PS3 COD4 anyone?

    can find me on the network as Vvash, if anyone out there plays COD4 let me know :D I'm on it all the tiem
  13. Charlie Anderson

    Cookin' with DVCPROHD!!!

    After having some troubles with both Time Fest entries this year, I decided to scrap both of them (maybe the Geisha one will resurface but I just don't have the time to devote to it) and do something completely different! So I present the first and only episode of "Cookin' with DVCPROHD -...
  14. Charlie Anderson

    Standard Operating Procedure Looks like HD with an adapter, can't put my finger on what though, looks amazing both story wise and visually
  15. Charlie Anderson

    you suck at photoshop

    this one's for you Mark!
  16. Charlie Anderson

    HPM100 P2 Preview/Recorder

    Working with one of these for a feature. Does anyone know what kind of organization method this thing uses when hooked up to a harddrive? I'm trying to avoid using this as a transfer method (as the only mehtod of connecting to a HD is through USB 2.0 and with 1080p footage it's gonna be...
  17. Charlie Anderson

    Nokia Morph Very interesting!
  18. Charlie Anderson

    Fs: Fs-100

    $1400 Have had it since November, works great just want to move to P2 cards. Belt clip part broke off. We use the sleeve and attach it to the top of the HVX200 (which will be included). Still have the original box and instructions. send a PM or email to
  19. Charlie Anderson

    Viral commercial project I was the DOP on this shoot. We tried something interesting on this one, we had 2 HVX200's set up in opposite directions on a steadicam. Copied and pasted from the info on youtube: Two cameras, on ONE "Steadicam," shooting in opposite directions...
  20. Charlie Anderson

    bLUR - a StrataTek Studios Film

    bLUR A man is trapped in a rift of time, his day consists of time slowing down, speeding up, or jumping all over the place uncontrolled. He relives how he got to this point and desperately is trying to find a way to get out of it so he can return to normal.