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    Till death do you part - German Horror Short

    Hey there, In This thread I will post Grabs and footage of our coming Short named "Till death do you part". Heres a first Screengrab for you. 12.02.09: Now the Film is available too. Greets Major Sunshine Films
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    Two screengrabs of new short

    Hi there, We have finished the first takes of our Stargate fanfilm "Stargate Avalon" and I´d like to show you two grabs from the first takes (On the Earth ;) )
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    Filming around

    Hello there, Heres´s my first video I´ve taken with my GH1 + Minolta MD 50/1.7, attached with selfmade adapter.
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    Xl1s footage

    Hello, I´m about to buy the Xl1s but still can´t find any footage or framegrabs. Maybe you can help me? Thank you an sorry for my bad English ;-)