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    [FS: General] Davinci Resolve Studio Activation Code

    Came with my Pocket 4K, I use Premiere. Never activated on any device. This is for Resolve Studio 15 but can update to 16. $100 / PayPal please I will email you the files on the SD card and an image of the access card.
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    [FS: General] GH5 w/V-log, grip, extra batts, cage

    Selling very good condition GH5 with V-log installed. Includes one Panasonic batteries, 3x Wasabi batteries, aftermarket (DSTE) battery grips (works great!), one Panasonic charger and two dual chargers, and SmallRig cage. Camera has little to no signs of use, VG condition, missing hot shoe...
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    SOLD Canon EF 16-35mm f/4 IS L USM Lens MINT

    Mint condition in light use for the past year, looks/acts as new. Has had protective UV filter on it since day 1, glass is flawless, lens functions perfectly. Includes UV filter, lens hood, lens bag and original box. Sharpest lens I've ever used! Asking $750 shipped within CONUS
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    [FS: Optics] Fotodiox Vizelex ND Throttle Fusion Smart AF Lens Mount Adapter for EF 2 Sony FE

    Awesome adapter, perfect fit for a7s ii / a7r ii / a7s / a7 iii / a6300 / a6500 Adapts Canon EF lenses to Sony FE cameras, works with FE or APS-C bodies, powered adapter - allows aperture control and IS (and decent autofocus) Basically gives your Sony camera a built in ND variable ND filter...
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    SOLD Sony a7s II (body only) w/extra batteries and charger

    Selling Sony a7s II camera in great condition, only minor marks of wear and tear on edges from being in cage, has had screen protector since day 1 EOSHD ProLog profile installed - vastly superior skintones over stock S-log2. Camera has 8 batteries: Four OEM and four third party, and three...
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    [WTB] GH5 w/V-log

    Looking to buy a GH5 w/V-log, narrowly missed out on a few auctions on ebay, just missed one with v-log installed that went for $1550 So if that is around the going rate, seller nets about $1350 after fees... Anyone willing to sell a GH5 with V-log for $1400? Or no v-log for $1300? Let me...
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    [FS: General] Sony PXW FS5 w/ extras! 4K Super-35 cinema camcorder

    I am sad to have to sell this AMAZING camera, PERFECT for indie features, commercials and documentary! The item is in perfect working order with no noticeable signs of use/wear and tear. Includes: - Camera (body, top handle, XLR, LCD screen, side handle/grip) - BP30 Sony battery - battery...
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    SOLD a7sII w/battery grip, EF adapter

    Have had for 1 1/2 years, used almost exclusively for video. In very good condition (really no signs of use or wear and tear). Has had screen protector on LCD screen since day 1. Includes Sony battery grip, Commlite EF to E-mount (powered) lens adapter, 2 batteries, charger, aftermarket...
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    SOLD Canon 24-70 f/2.8L II

    I've used a half a dozen times, still in like new condition . Comes with UV filter that has been on it since day 1, no scratches, cleaning marks, lens is in perfect condition. Includes original package, carrying pouch and lens hood. Asking $1500 free shipping within continental US
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    SOLD Fotodiox Fusion ND for full-frame E-mount

    Tested on a7sii and works as advertised, no issues I've read about (problems communicating between camera and lens) occurred. No vignetting apparent (tested on full frame Canon 24-70 II & 24-105mm) and no black cross at high density that is typical of screw-in vari-nds. No noticeable affect of...
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    [FS: Support] SmallRig gear - Micro Cage, A7sii cage, V-lock plate

    Cage for Blackmagic Micro Cinema Cam - $50 Cage for Sony a7sII - $75 V-lock plate - $50 These are all in like-new condition, never used. Never ended up buying Micro camera, decided to keep my a7sii w/battery grip set-up instead of using cage. What you see is what you get, I didn't get add-ons...
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    [FS: Optics] Metabones Speedbooster Ultra EF to Sony E mount lens adapter

    Bought new three months ago, never removed from camera (til now lol) glass in clean, in great shape no issues. Asking $550 includes shipping within CONUS
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    SOLD Rokinon Cine EF 24, 35, 50, 85mm lenses

    All lenses in tip-top shape, no dust, fungus, scratches, all parts (iris, rotation) work flawlessly. EF MOUNT Included: 24mm T1.5 VDSLR 35mm T1.5 VDSLR 50mm T1.5 CineDS 85mm T1.5 VDSLR Notes: No box for 35mm, no hood for 50mm Selling as kit only, asking $1050 free shipping to CONUS ** Tape...
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    SOLD Canon 17-55mm f/2.8

    In great condition, glass is clean. Slight wear on focus ring rubber. No box or lens hood. Perfect all-rounder for APS-C/Super-35 $450 shipped within continental US.
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    FS5: How much used FS5 or a7sII go for?

    Cnsidering significantly downscaling my video business and wondering what my gear would be worth on te used market. I can find what people are asking but not what its actually selling for - what do you guys think? FS5 with all original accessories, two extra generic BPU60' Speedbooster EF...
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    SOLD Came-tv mini v2

    Comes with all original parts/accessories (extra parts, case, stand) plus 4 extra 18650 batteries. Hardly used, great unit for small cameras (I used a7sII w/28-70 lens). Asking $600 OBO
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    [FS: Support] Rhino Slider PRO 4ft (steel)

    In good used shape, minor scuffs/scrapes from regular use, smooth slider. Only issue is one turning knob broken/missing (pictured) but screw still turns to tighten legs, does not effect functionality. For flat base fluid heads. Great for smaller/lighter cameras, works for big rigs too with...
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    SOLD Sony a7s w/battery grip

    Selling Sony a7s with OEM Sony battery grip, two OEM Sony batts & charger. Will include original manual and box if I can find. Camera is in excellent shape, no body damage, minor scratches on LCD imperceptible when unit is on. Clean sensor, works as it should, incredible camera. Asking...
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    SOLD Sony G 28-135 f4 Cine Servo Zoom lens (E-mount)

    Selling Sony 28-135 f/4 Cine Servo Zoom lens for E-mount. Budget constraints lead me to having to selling this beauty that I believe to be among the best Sony zooms - for FF it is nearly an all-in-one. This beast of a lens has performed beautifully on both my a7s & FS5. Lens is in pristine...
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    FS5: Judging exposure?

    Is histogram all there is? No meter or anything?