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    MUSIC VIDEO: First try at audio mixing myself

    not sure if this was the right place but I am working with a student at our local school to helop her get ready for a talent show and we are working on a video for her.. this is our first attempt and this is atually her first time EVER singing on a microphone... so we were trying everything out...
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    JVC GY-HD110U video out

    Ok so i ended up getting the JVC GY-HD110U but got it at a really great price and had alot of extras... anyone here with experience with this camera? what I am doing is mounting a 7" monitor to the shoe mount and viewing it that way... the camera has focus assist and other things.. but none of...
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    JVC GY-HD110U help

    sorry for the double post. i some how missed this part of the forum.. I have the option to get an JVC GY-HD110U.. i dont know much about these... from what I have seen or been told. that this has a detachable lense. Others have said that you still need a DOF adapter along side of this? can...
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    Jvc gy-hd110u

    I have the option to get an JVC GY-HD110U.. i dont know much about these... from what I have seen or been told. that this has a detachable lense. Others have said that you still need a DOF adapter along side of this? can anyone give me some insite on this camera.. my main concerns are...
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    [FS: General] DVX100a and Redrock M2 with rails for 475.00

    This package is SOLD... I am selling my DVX100a and my Redrock micro M2 with rails. for 475.00 +20.00 shipping anywhere within the US. I upgraded to dslr... this comes with 2 batteries, charger, case and 15 foot firewire cable... I bought this whole system from another DVXuser here .. take a...
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    Older Mixer sansui mx12

    Does anyone have any info on the sansui mx12 My aunt got one in one of those storage units... wondering if its usable for anything or not... it came with a tape deck/recorder also.. Thanks Terry
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    best export method for title based work

    for example using a video hive title effect... i redo the title effect and I am exporting as blu-ray.. i tried lossless .avi but seemed jittery,.... i know I'm doing something wrong. I jsut cant figure out what..
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    best export method for title based work

    Im working with some title work and seems no matter what format I export it.. it seems to be low res when I watch it back.. are there any methods that I can do to improve this.. I am working with 1920x1080 Thanks Terry
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    news feed cutting in and out/bad reception

    I have a clip of a news feed that I made.. I want it to look as if the feed either is getting periods of bad reception or cutting out like the older tv's used to do before digital came along... or as if there were electronic interference... can anyone tell me what effect I could use to achieve...
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    Title screens and effects

    Im working on a short trailer and want to add titles in between clips... this might have been posted somewhere but I couldnt find it.. can someone point me in the right direction on the best way to do this? Thanks Terry
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    [FS: General] Feeler - for Sony Vaio

    I have a Sony Vaio Sony VAIO VGN-CS215J/R the Red version that I am no longer going to be using. The main reason I used it was for the firewire capture with my DVX100.. I see alot of people on here looking for capture devices for just that.. This laptop has firewire,card reader, webcam.. Windows...
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    looking for stock footage..

    I am currently working on a project and a while back was looking through some of the stock footage sites.. I liked the ones that would allow you to either buy the video per price or join for a month or so.... but the footage that I have been trying to find AGAIN, with no luck is an aerial shot...
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    Green screen set

    I have a few scenes that I want to film.. first Ill explain the scenes.. Will consist of a patient(young girl) and her doctor. The film will be about the girl grown up. remembering her shildhood spent in the hospital getting psychological help. I was thinking on the lines of them both sitting...
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    advice needed on a possible sale

    I am currently having major car issues( motor blown) I need to get rid of a few things.. I am asking for anyones advice before I put my camera up for sale. I have a DVX100a that I bought from a user on here.. works great.. two batteries, charger, tapes,, padded case(clips to hold case...
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    first attempt at this

    Ok so I bought some of those tubes of liquid latex during halloween and was up tonight bored and thought, wonder what I can do with them.. so here is my first attempt at anything special effects.... keep in mind the only makup I have available was what my wife had in the I was REALLLY...
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    is this place getting clicky?

    I dont mean so sound rude or unappreciative of this forum. because I have learned alot from this forum and the people on it. I have read and read the posts, stickies, ect for years and finally joined almost 4 years ago.. in no way am I at any level of expertise to give advice to anyone, but I...
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    releases for extras in "this " film?

    I just watched a film the other night called Day Night Day Night..... The movie was long drawn out, very little dialogue. I know they were gonig for more of an art-piece but just wasnt for me... but if you have watched the film, the girl is walking around...
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    [FS: General] Redrock M2 with Rails

    I am finally getting rid of my Redrock M2 system.. Ive been using the canon T2i alot now and my dvx hasnt been getting alot of use and I need to get other equipment. It has the complete kit including rails, stepdown/up rings. shims, anchromat... the only thing in the picture that is not...
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    Tascam DR40 or Zoom h4 or H4n.

    I am looking for an external recorder... Id like advice from anyone that has used or compared these models.. and which you would prefer and why... Thanks Terry