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    [FS: General] Tamron AF 300mm F2.8 LD (IF) Lens for Canon - $2500 + SHIPPING

    Excellent condition. Great for sports or wildlife, rack focus with very shallow depth of field. Beautiful bokeh. High speed telephoto lens, Auto focuses on all EF mount bodies. Works with canon teleconverters. Comes with case shown in picture, lens hood, circular polarizer, ND2 filter, and uv...
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    [FS: General] Sennheiser Mkh-416 Short Shotgun Interference Tube Mic $750.0

    This microphone has been kept in great condition. Includes mkh 416 microphone, case, (MZW 415) Windshield. The MKH 416 transformerless, RF condenser is designed as a combination of pressure gradient and interference tube microphones. Very good feedback rejection, low proximity effect, 130...
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    [FS: General] F.S Schoeps Colette Series CMC6 Microphone with MK41 Super-Cardioid $1500.00

    Microphone has been well looked after and is in great condition. Includes: CMC6 Microphone Amplifier, MK41 Super-Cardioid Capsule, SG20 Microphone Mount and Case. The Schoeps Colette Series microphone system is popular among professional field audio engineers. The modular CMC6 preamplifier and...
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    Shoulder Mount Or Merlin arm & vest

    I'm trying to decide between the merlin system and a zacuto shoulder mount. What's everyone else finding good results with? Would merlin be a more sound investment, I had one before but only really used it for a short project, so I didn't use it alot. Thoughts?
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    special effects advise

    Hey Folks. I'm looking for some advise on doing some scenes with special effects, i'm really just trying to plan out the shoot itself. I'm a little unsure as to what requires a green screen and what can be added to a scene with out. If i'm shooting a scene outside, and I want some creatures...
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    would you shoot a feature 5d

    I was planning on getting the full frame red for a feature I am planning in the spring, but it doesn't look like that camera will be out until late next year. I currently own a 5d Mk ii , are there any reasons why I can't do this with the 5d, can anyone lend me some advice.
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    Looking for 3d animator

    Hello Folks, Looking to talk to a 3d animator. If you have some demo work, please shoot me an email -
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    Lowel Caselite 4 vs CL655pmd

    For the cost, is there really any advantage to purchasing the caselite 4 over the 655pmd? It looks like the 655pmd has more output...
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    Encore Pop Up menus

    Hi, I'm trying to make some pop up menus for a blu ray disc. I have a bar with a title as one layer, then play and scenes selection on top of the same bar. Once I set them all to buttons though the back ground layer and the text are overlapping. I watched a video on youtube where somebody had...
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    Why does encore lower quality automatically?

    I've used encore before, and it automatically constricted the size of my projects so they would fit on dvds or blu rays. But recently I purchased cs4 and any time I try to burn a project it will lower the quality of my timelines even if it doesnt have to. For instance, I import a mpeg-2 file...
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    CS4 Mpeg Problem Importing

    hello. I'm putting together a dvd for someone. All their video files are mpeg-1. I can't import this into premier or nero or encore... i've got this free video converter called rad, but it's making everything look all rippled, like some frames are missing or something. Any suggestions on what to...
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    Ice wall

    I have a new question about fx as I am in a planning stage. If I wanted a wall of ice to cover be shot over a door (kinda like iceman from the xmen) and then be shattered by a lazer what would be the best way of doing that?
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    Finished my film, what now?

    Hello everybody. I've been working the past year on a very low budget feature. I'm not to sure what to do with it or where to submit it? I was wondering, if I post my trailer if some people with experience starting up could advise me on what direction I should go. I understand it's not the...
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    Arms coming out of the floor

    Hello. I'm doing a bit of pre production research. If I were to film a shot of a character running down a cement hallway and I wanted to digitally add arms coming at the main character what would be the best way to go about doing this?
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    Costume royalty fees??

    Hi, I have this costume I replicated for a halloween costume, it's not exactly the same but it's fairly close to this david bowie costume I was wondering if I had a main character in a film wearing my home made costume, ohh say for example a halloween party...
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    A question about corporate Grants

    I was reading through a critera list for a telefilm grant and I read this... Productions with budgets under $300,000 must provide a broadcast licence Aren't broadcast license's expensive??? how does an indy film maker get a large budget grant?
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    help with color correct Ppro CS3

    Hey... doin a bit of first time color correction in cs3 using premier pro... umm any suggestions for this shot? I'm trying to take a bit of brightness out of the right corner..
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    the fountain?

    Does anyone know what kind of lighting equiptment was used in the film, the fountain? Just out of curiousity.
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    Motion Menu Help

    Hi , i'm new to this. I exported a video as a blu ray h.264 file for my menu, I then imported it to encore as an asset. imported a blank menu. Dragged the motion whip for the blank menu to my asset video file. I then wrote over top of the menu in encore with the text tool, converted the text to...