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    Should I record in AVCHD or Mpeg4

    Hi, I only use my Canon Vixia G40 in my home studio. I use it for my youtube show and green screen recording. What would be the best format I should shoot in. I edit in Sony Vegas and After Effects. What is better for color and editing. Here are my options. (sometimes I might mix my sony ZV-1 4K...
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    Green Screen Questions

    Hello, I am trying to perfect my green screen techniques. Quick question, if I have jaggies on my subject, I assume this is do to spill. Is spill referred to a light that is hitting your green screen to hard and bouncing back to hit your subject. So then is the trick is to light your green...
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    Panasonic HC-WXF1 4K UHD Camcorder looks interesting for under $1000

    Any one looking at this or your thoughts. I am looking for a 4k video camera for under $1000. So far it is between Panasonic and Sony FDRAX53/B 4K, which is a few years old. also trying to find the main differences between the Panasonic HC-WXF1 4K UHD Camcorder VS Panasonic PANASONIC HC-VX1 4K...
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    Looking for a over the head video camera/camera for my youtube show

    Hi, I am looking for a good quality , but hopefully not to spendy, camera/video camera that I can use to do my over the head shots for my youtube show. Looking to have about a 28mm focus or around that. Does not have to be 4k, and does not have to be the newest camera out there. Any suggestion...
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    Anyone looking at the Canon GX10 4k to buy?

    Hello I posted a question on the SOny part, but no response, I am looking at these 2 cameras The Sony FDR-AX700 and GX10 4k. I have the Vixia G30, and really like the low light and 1080 resolution, and I would like to move to 4k. I do a lot of run and gun and auto modes. The sony is 600$...
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    Anyone interested in the Sony FDR-AX700? VS Canon VIXIA GX10 4K

    Hello Looking for an affordable but pro(or close to it)-features-4k, and these 2 cameras really got my attention. The Sony FDR-AX700 and GX10 4k. I would like good 4k quality and a camera that is great in low lighting. And also good auto modes. Of course I can do manual, but like auto-modes for...
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    Really excited about this summers release of 360 cameras by Nikon and Samsung.

    Anyone else out there excited about getting into an entry level 360 VR video shooting. Looks like Nikon will have Nikon Keymission, and Samsung has the Gear 360. Not really impressed with the Kodak or other brands out there right now Has anyone seen the Keymission or Gear 360 at any shows and...
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    Problem with restricted videos on youtube

    First, I agree with youtube that hatefull, hurtful, bad language, and bad content should be labeled RESTRICTED on youtube. That means when you have the restricted button on in your settings or if your work has RESTRICTED on the internet filter, you can't see those bad videos. I am a teacher and...
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    where is a good safe site to download free fonts for subtitles

    I need a good font for subtitles. I read that universe 45, pt sans narrow bold, sans serif, antique olive and tiresias are good, but they do not show up in my font selection. I am wondering if they are free to use and where is a safe place to download them from. thanks for any help
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    New Hero GoPRO Session smallest gopro yet!

    Still happy with my gopro hero 4, but here is a new GoPro coming out that is even smaller. Not sure if you can change batteries. Will be great for drones for the size. I like the one button option too.
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    questions for Rx10 / rx100 III users in comparing this with a Hmc150 quality

    Hello, I am on the fence with the RX II and RX 100 IV coming out. I am more interested in using one of these cameras for mostly video. Love all the added features it comes with, and not bothered by fixed lens or audio. I am used to using an external audio device. I do a lot of educational videos...
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    need to replace my Epson photo scanner- what is recommended?

    Hello A while ago I bought the epson Perfection 2450 photo scanner with max 2400 DPI. I still have it, but with warm up time, it is slow, and I need to scan hundreds of photos. So I am looking to replace this scanner with another, and would like something faster. Also would be great to scan and...
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    AC90: how is the ac90 compared to the Hmc150 in low low light?

    How is the ac90 compared to the HMC150 in low light. And anything else compared between these 2 cameras as for footage quality. thanks Would the AC90 be a good B camera or can it hold its own as a A camera. I am a Hmc150 owner Thanks
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    Looking for a cheap AF lens for a Nikon D70. like sigma, tamron, or quantaray.

    Hi. I am giving my nephew my Nikon D70 camera. For right now, I am looking for an off brand Nikon lens and at a cheap price. Maybe something to look for on Ebay. As he gains experience and if he likes the hobby, I will buy him a better lens. focal length is not to important. Any...
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    What compression setting is the best for the Canon G30 and using Mpeg4 or avchd ?

    Is mpeg4 35 mbps at 60P the best setting? I would be filming interviews, documentaries, and wildlife. Would I notice any difference between mpeg4 and avchd in highest settings? thanks for your experience and advice.
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    sjcam sj5000 action cam coming soon

    I have the Hero4 Black and also the sj4000. hero4 is 500$ and an awesome action cam, but I am protective of it. The sj4000 was 100$ and although the quality is less, I am not afraid to use it in very extreme conditions. Both are great little action cams. I use both at the same time when I am...
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    Getting my first GOPRO! In what ways do you use the GoPro for professional jobs?

    I have an order for the new Hero4 Black and so excited of new ways I can use this camera. Everything from wide angle wedding shots to placing in creative places when I film conference shots. I am sure I will have some great family fun with the camera too. Isn't cool how you see a younger...
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    Looking for a cheap automatic 8mm film scanner feeder. Maybe a DIY Wolverine scanner.

    About 10 years ago, I transferred my 8mm film by using a mobile projection screen and filmed it with my DV camera. I tried many different 8mm transfer units, but I found that was the best quality I could get. I am not looking for perfection, but just a way to play back my 8mm on dvd. Now I want...
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    Going to buy a used HMC150, how many hours is to much on a camera.

    Hi, does it make a difference on the amount of hours used on a HMC150? The camera I am looking at to buy has 110 hours on it, is that to much? I would think if you treated your camera well, it should be ok. Just curious to know if a camera had a high number of hours, if that would still make a...
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    Looking for a very strong durable wired lav for outdoor use. Some Extreme.

    Going to do some outdoor shooting, some extreme stuff, and would like a wired lav with a strong durable cable and connection. It can have xlr or 3.5 Looking at the SmartLav+ for the money and in reviews they say it is a great improvement to the smartlav. That way I can connect it to my phone...