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    Did you do it on purpose...?

    Just wondering why this section (Premiere) is named incorrectly...:huh:
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    Shameless rip-off of a 2 year old poll... Fun!!!

    I found a poll similar to this one on page 113 of the Cafe, so I decided to blatantly rip it off, but with some different names ;D. Feel free to select Someone Else and post your own suggestion or choice... I'm leaving Howard Shore off because I was extremely unimpressed with scores from the...
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    Just wondering what everyone's favorite titling plugin is for Premiere (I've heard good things about Graffiti....). Just let me know what you use/like... thanks a lot.
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    Please Help...

    Just started getting an error message in AE 6.0 when importing, dragging to timeline, playing, scrubbing; basically anything that has to do with showing video. "After Effects: error retrieving frame from video stream" Oh, and it just shows a black output screen. Does anyone know what this is...
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    Workflow question...

    OK, so basically I'm wondering what steps you all take when transitioning from Premiere to AE/Combustion... Do you work through Premiere, then send to AE? (This doesn't seem like it would work too good). And do you export back from AE/Combustion to PPro in order to do your final rendering? Or do...
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    SFK Question...

    I was just wondering if there is any way to have Vegas delete the .sfk waveform files when you exit the program, or if there is any way to set it up so they are localized into their own folder (in the same way Premiere has a Conformed Audio Files folder).
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    Need a host...

    Hey all, I'm interested in sharing some of my work with everyone here, but unfortunately I don't have a host that I can UL files to. If anyone knows of anywhere I could get (free) hosting, please let me know ASAP... Thanks a lot
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    Capture Problem!!

    Ok, so everything was going just fine until one day I was trying to capture some fresh footage, and as soon as I opened the capture window and turned on the cam, a message came up in the cap window saying "Could not start recorder. Try resetting camera." Has anyone else had a problem like this...
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    Anyone know anything about Edius 3??

    I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with Canopus Edius 3. I've heard some good things, and was wondering if it's worth checking out.