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    [FS: General] Jag35 Wird Follow Focus

    I have a like new, Used once Jag 35 follow focus. It is wired. Comes with a LP-E6 battery adapter. Has upgraded motor. Kit was $500 New. Looking for $250 OBO Shipped. Will post pics later.
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    [FS: Support] Jag35 Wired Follow Focus

    Controller, Standard Motor, all Cables, LPE6 Battery mount. New, Used once. $300
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    [FS: General] Bmcc mft

    Excellent condition BMCC MFT. Works flawlessly. Does not include Resolve Dongle. Original Box & all accessories except the strap & Dongle. Includes: Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT mount Viewfactor Conitineo Cage Viewfactor...
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    [FS: General] BMCC MFT Kit & Speedbooster

    Going to try and sell this as a kit before I part it out. BMCC MFT -With original box & accessories. I'm keeping the strap though. 9/10 condition. functions perfectly. Metabones Nikon to MFT speedbooster. This is the generic MFT one, NOT the BMCC specific model. Veiwfactor Contineo cage...
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    [WTB] 8 core mac pro

    So my MP fried itself over the holidays and I'm looking for a replacement. 4,1.and up only please.shoot me specs and what ya want and I'll get back to ya one way or another. Happy New year.
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    Offload footage from a PDW 320?

    So a PDW 320 (sxs) showed up at the office without a card reader, i've been searching the interwebs to no avail on how to offload the cards via camera. can anyone help a brother out?
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    [WTB] Wired / Wireless Follow Focus

    Hey gang, I just completed my long under construction jib, now I'm on the hunt for a focusing system wired or wireless. I would actually prefer wired. hit me up if ya got one for sale or know of a solid system. thanks.
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    [FS: General] EBAY: Canon 17-35 2.8L

    description & pics in link. $550 takes it. Trades for Nikon glass considered.
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    [FS: General] Canon 17-35 2.8L

    For sale is a canon 17-35 2.8L. It's in great condition with your average handling wear. only issue, and it is essentially a non-issue is that the zoom is feels free, not loose, zero play, but free. not a lot of resistance. Pics on request but it looks like every other 17-35... works on Full...
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    [WTB] RedRock Livelens

    I'm Looking for a Redrock livelens EF to M43 adapter, not the 35mm adapter version. Thanks
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    C100: Any one used the older canon 17-35 2.8?

    As stated above, was wondering how it compares to the 16-35 I or II on the C100 or BMC (if ya got a BMC!)
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    Project Manager, Has anyone got it to work?

    As the title suggests, I have had zero success with the project manager. I am on the subscription plan and predominately edit footage from some gh2s, canons, and af100s. I only got it to work once with a test that had a few test clips randomly thrown in there... but i need to hand this off to...
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    Need help opening a project on multiple machines...

    ...So we jumped the FCP ship a while back and I just hit my first premiere roadblock.., I'm working on a project right now and I keep all my media on external drives. (internals that i drop into a dock on the desktop, all Esata) so we have a new mac the the cs6 suite was installed onto and I...
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    Micro P2, When?

    So i've haven't heard anything about this since NAB, and if memory serves me right Panasonic said it should be available about now right? does anyone know anything more specific?
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    [WTB] WTB: Jib Tripod

    I will be finishing my jib in the next week, and really don't feel like building a tripod. So i'm looking to purchase a HEAVY DUTY tripod similar to those used on a Jimmy Jib. wheels preferred. Here is an example of what i'm looking for:
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    Cannot Connect Deck!!???

    I've got a PDW-HD1500 Deck, a mac pro SL, XDcam browser, and FCP 7. I've downloaded the log & transfer plugin and Famdriver and for some reason the deck will not connect to the mac. Is there a setting in the menu or am I missing something very obvious here?
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    Day one with an Avid, Reconnect.....

    So my client delivered a drive with all the files, just wrapped up the avid installation and now its time to jump in. my 1st dumb question is how to reconnect the media. it does not appear to be obvious. He said run a consolidation and i should be set. Using MC6 on a Mac, and the files came...
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    eBay at its finest...

    Seems Legit...
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    Manual Lenses need help.

    Well, I got some cash to burn and am looking to buy a nice manual zoom lens. I was looking for the equivalent of a 24-70 Canon L series, but completely manual, No electronics. Kinda ignorant in the realm of lenses. Ideally something futureproof for an AF100 in a year or so or maybe even...
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    Cartoon violence at its best

    Wait for it. You May have to Login, as it is 18+. but nothing scandalous...