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  • Hi Jimmy

    Yes, I did knock up an SLOG3 to S-Cinetone LUT for a particular job we did.

    I'm not saying it's the best thing going, but it worked for us on two FS7s in a shoot with an FX9 shooting S-Cinetone. So we shot S-LOG3 on the 7s and in post used the 64 point grading LUT to match the FX9's Cinetone. I made the three LUTs in Resolve. A 64 point LUT for grading, a 33 point LUT for the camera, as it won't take a 64 pointer, and a 17 point LUT for certain monitors and LUT boxes. With a little tweaking here and there, mainly in the white balance, all worked out pretty well. I'm usually shooting S-LOG3 about one stop over. This LUT is optimised to work best with footage one stop over. Obviously, within reason, it can be used with any exposure footage. You just have to grade your levels accordingly. This link will allow you to download the LUTs from my Google Drive.


    If you have any problems or comments, just message me back. Good luck!

    Chris Young
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