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  • Hello David-
    I don’t know if you’re still “the guy” (moderating) but if you are, god bless ‘ya for the hard work citizen!

    I’ve always appreciated that the Marketplace is for personal gear only…
    while I suppose Brother NorBro considers everything he’s sold here over the last decade is his personal gear but, as he evidently chooses a more relaxed interpretation of the rules i.e., “5 open sales threads.”

    Maybe I don’t mind much that going back as far as page 10 he has 12 threads BUT this B.S. of now having a bright yellow square instead of an icon like every other member has (and he did before getting the clever idea to make his threads on the marketplace stand out by replacing it with the yellow square). That, I do mind. IMHO the guy needs to clean up his act, take it to eBay, or become a DVXUSER Sponsor. Bottom line, it’s cheating…and i’ve got no objection to your telling him that I said so. :huh:

    Thanks my friend.
    David Regenthal
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