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Z150 preferred picture profiles

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    Z150 preferred picture profiles

    Dear collegues. What are you suggestions: which picture profile may I choose for "out of the box" broadcast purposes?

    We use the following settings which gets us very close to matching most late model ENG cameras such as the PDW, PMW and PXW series stock 709 settings. We use these settings on both the Z150 and the Z90. Obviously your experiences may vary to ours but I think you will find these settings to be a good starting point. Suggest entering and saving these settings into a Profile you are not like to use. Any setting nor mentioned here just leave as stock.

    Gamma - ITU709
    Knee - MANUAL - POINT 87.5 - SLOPE -2
    Color Mode - ITU709 MATRIX
    Saturation - -7
    Color Phase - -6
    Color Depth -
    R +1
    G +3
    B +5
    C +3
    M +2
    Y +3

    If not using a matching setup like the above which was arrived at after considerable time matching on the Chroma Du Monde charts with scopes etc I would suggest PP4 as that is the Z150s stock 709 profile.

    Chris Young

    Edit: Alister Chapman talks a bit about the Z150 PP settings here plus tips on exposure with which I fully agree.
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