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Sony PXW-X70 "4K Upgrade" currently discounted

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    Sony PXW-X70 "4K Upgrade" currently discounted

    I wanted to buy a couple PXW-X70 cameras today so I visted B&H Photo's site. They presently have two enticements:

    "0% 12 month Lease Financing Program"

    "Includes 4K Upgrade License Key"

    The price for the camera with the 4K upgrade included is $250 less than usual. They link to a $250 Sony rebate form but the rebate is already reflected in the price. Go figure.

    Then I learned the deets.

    If you avail yourself of the 0% financing the contract with Sony's financing partner is non-cancellable. B&H says you can return it under their 30 day return policy but B&H will refund the money to the buyer, which in this case is Sony's financing partner. You remain on the hook for the lease. The financing partner, DLL, agrees.

    If you opt to buy direct from B&H they then tell you that if you return the camera within 30 days they will deduct the 4K upgrade license from the refund due, as if you could use the 4K license without the camera.

    Note that I was going to buy a single camera first, make sure I like it, check out the 4K upgrade, successfully complete the 3.0 firmware update, etc. -- then order the second one.
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