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Match FS7 and PXW-X200

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    Match FS7 and PXW-X200

    Looking to buy a hand held ENG type camera that'll match my FS7 for 2 camera interview jobs. I just want a match and don't care much about what the look is as long as it isn't awful. Anybody had any real world experience with these 2 cameras on the same set? If so, please share what the setting were on both cameras that made for an in camera match. Thanks.
    KPSR, Inc.

    Alister Chapman or Doug Jensen probably have direct experience with these cams, and I've been meaning to ask them a similar question (what they do to match cameras in general). As far as matching the cameras, they should be close (Sony cams tend to have similar color science). This is how I match our cameras (EX1r and an F3) together:
    (1) White balance: have both cameras as close a possible color temperature wise.
    (2) use picture profiles with the same/similar settings. This might be tough since these are two completely different cams, but its doable.
    (3) Use FCP X. Color matching is dead simple and works tremendously well. One area where FCP X is far ahead (this takes considerably longer to do with other NLEs, imo).
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