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    ex users input appreciated

    im finally selling off my dvcam gear and jumpiong to hd. it down tot he ex1r or ex3. im coming from shooting with a dsr300 so its been shoulder mounted with a good vf for 12 years. anyway i know the ex3 has the great vf but is awkward to shoulder mount without an adaptor.
    the ex1 has a great lcd but lousy vf.
    i guess id like input from those that were in my situation. i know the r would be easier for run/gun. ive just got to make that switch to shooting with the lcd mainly and adjusting to panning/zooming on the tripod with that different viewpoint vs. my vf i was so used to for so long.
    any input on others that had to make this jump or their overall thoughts would be great.
    im lefteyed so as good as the hoodman loupe is, wont work for me when on a tripod.

    what are some better tripods that are fluid and lightweight for these cams. ive got a vinten now thats overkill so i want to go lighter and yet still pro.