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EX-1, HPX3700 or super 16 for 10 minute short film, Advice needed.

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    Originally posted by Essami View Post
    Maybe use that 6000 to rent a high quality cinema camera like Red One. Would that be an option? Get the best of both worlds.

    The camera should only be a small part of the production budget. The camera doesn't 'make' a good production, its what you put in front of the camera in the way of story, acting and production design. Why would he spend one penny more on a camera when he has access to two great cameras for free.

    I wouldn't go 16mm due to the associated costs. Pick either of the other two and put your money into the best script, actors, crew, costumes, props that you can afford.l


      Well, maybe I am biased, having come from shooting film, but if I had to chose between shooting Super 16mm film over HD, I would chose to shot film. Especially since you would be shooting in bright exteriors. I have rarely been pleased with the look of digitally shot exteriors. Modern motion picture color negative film stocks are still superior in handling high light detail which would be a consideration for bright exteriors. However, there are other considerations. First, do you have a DP that is experienced shooting film? Also, the secret to keeping a film shoot on a low budget is shooting ratio. With the money you say you have a shooting ratio of up to 10:1, for a 10 minute short, shot on film, could be do-able. However, going over 10:1 could kill you. Having a dog as a major character in the film just makes trying to realistically calculate a shooting ratio a crap shoot, which if you do not get right, may mean the difference between finishing your film, or not. With that unknown variable, I would have to say, with the given parameters, that shooting on HD would be the smartest choice.
      "The enemy of art is the absence of limitations"
      -Orson Wells.

      "To me the great hope is... people that normally wouldn't be making movies will make them and suddenly some little fat girl in Ohio will be the new Mozart and will make a beautiful film using her father's camera-corder and the "Professionalism" of movie making will be destroyed forever and it will finally become an art form."
      -Francis Ford Coppola.


        Exactly. A dog, a kid and a DP not experienced with film, as the OP said, will lead to numerous retakes.

        Plus, while David G.Smith may have a bias towards film hundreds of major motion pictures have now been shot on digital. I think most digital shooters would say proper lighting is essential no matter what, but film is considered to have more dynamic range.


          Everything I've seen from the 3700 has been superb. Forget film, and spend your $6k on the rest of the production.


            Hey White89er,

            How did the shoot go? (I'm from QLD too, and looking to shoot a film out west in the desert there).