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    Originally posted by renbash View Post
    Thank u very much... Any muvies that was done in EX1? That i can refer?
    Possibly some in the process, but remember that the EX1 is only been on the shelves for 9 months.


      I use a Picture Profile suggested in a Shooting Tips sheet from Sony... (#2 - left side. SLOW download!)

      Except I change the Skin Tone Detail to -20. Sony says -99.

      You can see unaltered still images from a shoot with these setting by going to my website...

      ... and clicking on the picture of the EX3 on the right-hand side.

      Don Smith


        Poor Truck...


        That might be the last run for that truck and you got the video of it. I also notice that you used Flash for the video, is there a player for it? When output it on P3.2 using Adobe flash .flv, there is no way to play it. So, I am using QT.



          I think it got onto the wrong page........


            That was an h.264 upload. XR converts everything to Flash for display.
            Yeahg, poor truck, but Kent Shockley vows to rebuild it.
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              Thanks, I used H.264 under Quick Time and it seems to works great for me.

              It is a great truck, I saw that gas burner at the Salinas Air Show. Makes a lot of noise.


                Originally posted by DeeZiD View Post
                This is my attempt on a new grading-friendly profile:

                Profile Name: HDR
                Setting: Off
                Color Correction: Off
                White: Off
                Detail: Off
                Skin Tone Detail: Off
                Level: -8
                Select: Cine4
                Black: -5
                Black Gamma: +15
                Low Key SAT: +3
                Color Matrix is set off because it boosts CAs heavily.
                Detail is off because it boosts artifacts and looks videoish. (works better in post)
                Black Gamma is set to +15 because it brightens up shadows (works much better than in post)
                Low Key Sat is set to +3 because it adds color to the brightened shadows (better than in post)

                Don't use this profile with gain >0!

                regards Dennis
                Has anybody tested this ?


                  There is still a need for Picture Profiles Overview Project !

                  I have been following this thread, as well as the corresponding thread of on Pictures Profiles for the Sony XDCAM EX1 and EX3.

                  I still find most discussion on the picture profiles in these threads reasonably useful, but not quite as useful and enlightening as I'd like. Advices and experiences in this thread tend to be based on anecdotal experiences (thanks though to all of you who have shared their work !). A possible exception is Matthieu Ghiekere's and other chaps' "true colour" profiles based on extensive vectorscope testing.

                  It think the reasons may be the following:

                  1. Sony's documentation of the picture profiles lacks crucial details and remain mostly evasive (I really wonder why they offer such a product but give us no real pro description of the functions supplied). The diverse hints, tips and tutorials published since on Sony Websites remain rather general.

                  2. While some few settings are generally understandable (most EX1 and XDCAM users know roughly what a gamma curve is about, and what detail means,... or do we really??), the EX1 community possesses no knowledge of the exact effect of most of these settings.

                  3. The beneficial or detrimental combined effect of two or more of the PP settings is still, as far as I know, totally unexplored e.g., gamma AND matrix.

                  What we could do in this thread is to initiate a collective effort to map exhaustively the PP structure, and provide precise answers to two kinds of questions:

                  1. Which measurable effect has this setting, e.g. detail, gamma, matrix ? Within which measurable ranges is the picture / signal modified? What are the most important threshold values? Are here any trade-offs implied?

                  2. Taking a collection of well-described standard shooting situations (daylight, night, mixed light etc.) and desired effects, which particular settings will provide a answer?

                  Any suggestion ?
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                    absolutely. let's see some recipes.
                    Los Angeles, CA USA
                    DP/Cam Op


                      " Which measurable effect has this setting, e.g. detail, gamma, matrix ? Within which measurable ranges is the picture / signal modified? What are the most important threshold values? Are here any trade-offs implied?"

                      In principle, I am for it. However, won't it be better if we collectively bombard Sony? I mean, their engineers have all the info. They just have to dig it up as opposed to some of us spending hours (days) in setups, analysis, and then summarizing the results.

                      Also, if we do this to Sony once, they (and others) will learn their lesson, and hopefully, will do the right thing from then on. They could even sell these technical details at a nominal price to recover their added cost.

                      What is the point of producing a professional level camera, and not telling the professionals what to do with it? In fact, giving the specs will be better for Sony as we all will be able to produce better videos and convince others to buy the camera.

                      Does anyone know whom to contact at Sony?
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                        This is a shame that Sony has not released full Picture Profile information

                        I agree totally. This is a shame that Sony has not released full Picture Profile information for the Sony XDCAM EX PMW-EX1 and EX3.
                        They sell a camera as "CineAlta" for pro and semi-pros, but refrain to communicate the necessary information needed to paint a high quality picture with the tools supplied as if it were a state secret.
                        This does not make sense. Hey, Sony, wake up, give us your customers the precise info !
                        ...just another filmmaker
                        "Would you please shut up 1/48th of a second?"


                          Please someone, post some footage of this ex1 with colors that match panny. I've searched all over the web and couldn't find anything. everything looks like sharp video, even when using magic bullett and other filters. I want so bad to love this camera but know one has posted footage that will allow me to do that.

                          I love the resoluton on the ex, but if you just take a look at jay rodgriguez music video on here, sorry if i butchered the name, you'll see the skin tones of his subjects are the closest to film out of all the sub $10,000 cams.

                          I tried to talk myself into buying the ex, but the colors and the 24p motion on the panasonic has hipmotized me.


                            Hello, I am in the process of producing a film that is intended to be screened digitally in a local cinema/theatre and so I have been in search for the best picture profile for me, which in effect is one that will give me as much of a filmic look as possible in camera yet at the same time give me the maximum head room for colour manipulation in post. (The intended look for the end piece will be similar to Bourne Ultimatum/88 Minutes)

                            So in my search I have had meetings with several successful DOP's and camera operators of whom all gave me similar advice, which was; if you are shooting on HD give yourself as much room as possible for post production, so unlike many picture profiles that have become popular it could limit the grading process if the blacks are already recorded as dark as they can be before crushing etc.

                            This leads me on to ask the advice of anyone that has had the opportunity to experiment with different picture profiles and see the results on a big screen. What profile has given you the most headroom in post and how has the footage held up to vigorous color grading? Also I notice there isn’t much talk of the matrix settings in comparison to the amount of posts on this subject and so I would like to ask peoples thoughts on HISAT VS CINEMA and why people would choose one other the other when shooting drama based work. On initial inspection it would seem CINEMA would give me the most headroom in post but there must be a trade off between using this and HISAT seeing as it would appear to be so un-common with ex1 users.

                            Would love to hear your thoughts/examples?


                              Not to be a downer here... and it may come as a surprise but the documentation for even the highest end cameras is just as vague. Pick up any manual for a F900R or HPX3000 or PDW700 and you'll see that same descriptions. The number values for Matrix, Detail level, Saturation, etc, etc. in all these cameras can seem fairly arbitrary. They are generally numbers on a scale with a listed range, but you won't be able to define what that range actually is without the right scopes. On the higher end cameras you just find more of these options... even worse is the fact that the values won't match between similar cameras.. a +5 detail on one Sony camera won't be the same on another model.... painful isn't it.

                              Of course I would love to see these values defined in a practical way, but if we are using the "CineAlta" logo as a standard to determine how much documentation should be released with a camera then they might take some away.

                              I really enjoy the fact that Sony has included so many really high end painting features in the camera. You don't get these options on anything else at this price range. I'll post a couple different looks that I have created in the near future.

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                                I woult dbe carefule as not to dial in enough color on there hdv cams, as the more intense your post coloring becomes the more strain on an already extended codec.

                                Has anyone came up with a panny match yet?