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    I'm getting my EX1 probably tomorrow, so I think this thread is such a great idea, but we need pictures alongside!, and also, maybe I'm wrong, but isn't there some way to save the settings in a file that you could just download and use instead of manually copying the contents???... as soon as I get mine I will put my two cents!...


      The picture profiles CAN be saved, but it is part of the whole camera setup save to file. So ALL camera settings get saved, not just the profiles. Some have expressed concern over loading whole camera set files because it will alter other settings besides the profiles.
      Best regards,
      Mark & Mary Ann Weiss
      HD Video Productions


        Hi i'am a new member of this forum, i am italian(naples) and i don't speak english very well:-)

        I have a sony ex1, and am much interested to new picture profile, I put mine here as soon as I have them .

        p.s. I have visited san francisco, it is very beautiful !


          Anyone have a pp that matches the look of a HVX?


            Originally posted by basspig View Post
            I'm working up some picture profile recipies. My main income-producing subject is high end weddings, so my priority is to develop some profiles that bring out warmth, smooth skin and have "Fuji Velvia" colors. Coming soon...
            I am a college student who is soon going to be getting the EX1. I live in Westchester New York and already have numerous years training towards my long-term goal (Pre-production/production/post) of narrative film making.

            I was planning on getting into weddings as both a way to subsidize all the equipment I will need to produce/complete narrative fiction, and also as a primary means of being able to afford the rest of my college career.

            I was hoping you would be able to give me some advice as to how to get into such a practice. As well, any references would be amazing.

            Thank you,


              HVX PP would be real nice, there are far more HVX's out there so when ever I'm looking for a 2nd camera more people who have HVX apply for the job.


                What I would love to see is a very "flat" preset.
                Something that resembles EOS or the Canon XH-A1 series.
                All very light even colors.

                A picture profile which is very easy to pull through color correction at a later stage.

                Recently I used my EX1 alongside my Canon and the EX1 was so much more saturated (and better) but it rendered my much less sharp and very blant Canon almost useless. Very obvious difference.


                  Have you tried turning off the picture profiles? That's the "flat" setting that closely matches my old VX2000.
                  Best regards,
                  Mark & Mary Ann Weiss
                  HD Video Productions


                    Which setting is better for low light, HIGH CONTRAST, sunset with details in the shadows - minimum noise. NO CINE SETTINGS

                    Is it better to wash out the image like BLACK +20, BLACK CINE -20 and then add the details back in the blacks... OR...

                    is it better to shoot BLACK -5, BLACK CINE +30 which gives nice blacks and still brightens the dark greys?

                    Am I getting more latitude with the 2nd (BLACK -5, BLACK CINE +30) setting than the 1st when it is corrected back down?

                    (I guess RED's washed out RAW look and then post production has me thinking more about shooting a bit flatter to get more detail in the blacks - am I wrong here? I know this is not RAW... the above settings are a decent test - I will test them soon in Color.)


                      I look at this issue this way: you can always crush the blacks in post, but you can't un-crush the blacks once you've done so in the camera.

                      PCs have gotten so powerful now that realtime color grading is a reality. So go fix it in post--treat it like "raw" format and shoot to capture maximum information, then, at post production, have the freedom to decide what to keep and what to throw away, in terms of tonal range.
                      Best regards,
                      Mark & Mary Ann Weiss
                      HD Video Productions


                        This is my attempt on a new grading-friendly profile:

                        Profile Name: HDR
                        Setting: Off
                        Color Correction: Off
                        White: Off
                        Detail: Off
                        Skin Tone Detail: Off
                        Level: -8
                        Select: Cine4
                        Black: -5
                        Black Gamma: +15
                        Low Key SAT: +3
                        Color Matrix is set off because it boosts CAs heavily.
                        Detail is off because it boosts artifacts and looks videoish. (works better in post)
                        Black Gamma is set to +15 because it brightens up shadows (works much better than in post)
                        Low Key Sat is set to +3 because it adds color to the brightened shadows (better than in post)

                        Don't use this profile with gain >0!

                        regards Dennis


                          i tried accessing your EX-1 PP thread today at 10am PST and had no luck. is your server down?

                          Los Angeles, CA USA
                          DP/Cam Op


                            Hi, its a great discussion... Just wondering if anyone can let me know if Sony EX1's final result in 35mm after cine transfer,,, will it be good?

                            What i am trying to ask is, will it be good in cinema's in 35mm prints?

                            Thank u.


                              I would expect that it will look as good as any other full raster HD camera, and maybe a tad better than some. I watched some of my footage on an 80" Stuart screen that was encoded on to a Blu-ray disc and it looked better than what I see in the cinema with 35mm film--it had more detail and was free of that "fuzziness" that always seems to plague movie theater showings. So I think it will transfer to 35mm quite nicely, if the process is done correctly.
                              Best regards,
                              Mark & Mary Ann Weiss
                              HD Video Productions


                                Thank u very much... Any muvies that was done in EX1? That i can refer?