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Fast Tracking with PDW-700

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    Fast Tracking with PDW-700

    Hi Folks

    Not sure if there is much interest here about XDCAM HD but for those who are here is something that may be of interest.

    We recently shot Niall Mac former Super Bike champ for marketing/promo/training materials and, as a test to see what the XDCAM HD 700 422 footage would look like displayed on Hi Def display screens.

    The shoot proved to be quite a challenge. I used only the 700 at 1080p 25 1/50 as I wanted to see what we could achieve, naturally this stuff is so much easier to capture with smaller, or cams dedicated to this type of work. On versions of the marketing materials, it will probably be cut with helmet cam footage and the like.

    The actual film is still being worked on, but we put together a page of screen grabs and a movie demo which we will later update to hi res and hi def files.

    Actually, there was a finale to the whole event but at this time I cannot tell/show you what happened until clearance is finalised… all I will say is – it’s a hand over the mouth job with the words… Oh Noooo!..... I’ll keep you posted.

    PS: Just in case your thinking… no… the PDW-700 is still in one piece.

    Regards: Stu

    Racing Champ in upside down mode

    We now have clearance to show what happened at the end of the shoot - for all you Yamaha R1 lovers - close your eyes and ears

    (Movie is near the bottom of the page)

    Best: Stu