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Basic FDR-AX100 questions

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    Basic FDR-AX100 questions

    I am pretty new to working with cameras and have a few questions regarding the FDR-AX100, please pardon my ignorance.

    1. As far as basic video settings, is there anything I am missing from this list of settings that need to be made before a shoot?
    - adjusting white balance
    - adjusting F Stop
    - adjusting shutter speed
    - adjusting Iris

    2. I set the F stop and shutter speed, though as I pan the camera, the values on the LCD seem to change. Why does it do this? How do you make setting changes for a particular type of shot you desire if it does this?


    Answering to both questions #1 and 2, check that your iso is set to manual so that it doesn't change automatically while you're panning around.
    Hope this helps


      If the Iris, Gain or Shutter speed has a little "A" next to it, that setting is on automatic. Hit the desired setting button just once to adjust the value and lock in the setting. The item value will highlight in white. If you press the button again after adjusting the setting, the camera will revert to auto. Either hit a different button (of the 3) or don't press the button again after you adjust.
      Nate Haustein

      PXW-FX9 / FCPX


        1. Is there a mode similar to Aperture Priority on a DSLR where it automatically adjusts shutter speed based on aperture value or a Time Value mode where it adjusts aperture based on shutter speed?

        2. The Gain/ISO seems to max out at 33dB, is there some guideline for adjusting the ISO? I'm assuming the higher the ISO the more potential for noise/grain? I'm just not sure how to adjust it when I'm use to a DSLR with values like 100, 200, 400, etc.

        Thank you.


          As in a previous post any value with an A next to it on the LCD is in auto. So if you want the camera to have aperture priority set the aperture and shutter speed OR gain and the other will be in auto. ie set aperture and shutter speed and the camera will adjust the gain automatically. You may want to also learn about AE shift as this means that you can bias the auto mode either positive or negative against what it thinks it will set. Sony cameras often over expose so I have my AE shift often set at -1 ev. It is easier to lift the low levels in post than to deal with blown highlights.