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    Dilemma: need advice

    Please hear me out. I need your advice about the Sony FX1000

    For many years, I have been making amateur videos about the local community for a non-profit.

    Yesterday I edited my first real commercial video! It is for a website company, a videotestimonial about their services. There's a nice backstory. Two years ago, they'd bought all the hardware (camera, tripod etc), but then their cameraguy disappeared on them, so for two years, nothing happened. They got to know me because of my videos about the local community life. So they called for help. Yesterday I had a meeting with the boss. It went really fine. At the end, he said he regretted he'd never be able to do anything with the footage they had lying around, because it was too old, and it was probably crap anyhow. I said: why would that be? Let me take a look at it, perhaps I can still do it. So they brought in the camera still in its box (used once), a prosumer Sony HDR FX1000 (hdv). We can't even make sense of all the cables, he said. I told him I should be able to read the tapes if I could take the camera with me. A big smile came on his face and he shoved it to me. Take it with you, please! If not, I'll sell it on eBay.

    I was very curious about the tape, because he said it was about one of their high profile customers. It turned out to be none other than ... Aston Martin! Watch it here:

    Boy, did I enjoy myself editing this! Also a big nostalgia moment while capturing the hdv footage to my pc!

    After seeing my edit, the boss gave me a call: he has 4 other film projects planned. If I do them, the camera is mine to keep. For him, it really doesn't matter, as long as he has his movies...

    I must say I like the camera's IQ and ergonomics a lot: lots of buttons on the body for tweaking, a focus ring, a zoom ring, an iris, a built in 3 step nd filter, and 1.5 lux sensitive. It also got raving reviews back in 2009. The only issue is that it has mini-jack for audio in, not the industry standard. I actually enjoy editing hdv-footage a lot too. I like it even better than my current T2i/550D hdslr footage.

    Should I accept the deal and keep the camera, or is hdv definitely a fossil and should I get paid in cash instead? That's my dilemma.
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