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Sony A1 - Reduce Aliasing w/ Mist Filter?

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    No even need to test! Understanding of the basic pysics.. when the image detail=the sensor line spacing then you get moiree

    of course changing distance will sort it. a the image detail change in size.

    The trouble might be having good enough monitoring to see moiree and a director who is happy to change the shot size when needed.

    Im not clear if this is a two (different) camera setup... but Id guess if you have two cams use the long lens on the one that tends to moiree View my feature Film


      Originally posted by Joshua Milligan View Post

      The A1 does top out at 30p for 8K, so that's correct. The A7IV looks like a nice camera, it just doesn't interest me. I had major overheating problems here in Texas with the A7III and because I've read where others have already struggled with that with the A7IV, I just personally couldn't risk it. But that has a lot to do with where I live. It gets hot here!
      I'm not suggesting you get an a7iv, just commenting on my experience. I had all the same expectations you mentioned and it's worked out better than I feared

      DLD - pro-mist definitely softens the image somewhat. Tiffen advertises that their white mist filter "softens blemishes and wrinkles" and that it decreases detail "less than" traditional soft filters do. I remember reading that contrast and detail are intimately related. Also, you've probably seen a ton of stuff that was shot with black pro-mist that you liked...

      I'm partial to Tiffen Black Satin but I never tried using it specifically as an AA filter. I was fighting against some serious kind of horrible moire or just strange patterning on a jumbo digital screen recently and all I could do at the time to solve it was throw the image slightly out of focus. Not an ideal solution but it salvaged the material

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        I think people tend to overdo it. 1/8 may be OK but some tend to lay it on so thick that every shot looks like it's bathed in milk.

        Matter of taste, right?

        BTW, internal OLPF's for Red cameras can run in excess of $1,000. In that scenario, I'd definitely choose Pro Mist.