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Recommendations - Sony, or 'Sony-like' replacement ENG cameras

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    Recommendations - Sony, or 'Sony-like' replacement ENG cameras

    I would like to replace a set of ENG cameras used only for live shots, and news gathering (typically with reporter/hand mic/top light/liveU)

    I have P2 and XD-cameras (PDW-F800's). I would like to explore unifying around the Sony platform, as I have excellent DWR and DWT digital wireless systems. And almost all of my batteries are V-Mount.

    I find it impossible to have a full working knowledge of all of Sony's cameras that are likely replacement contenders, so I thought I would put this out to the community of existing expertise.

    Needs and goals list :

    1. 1080p/i. Nothing else actually needed in terms of formats
    2. ⅔" sensor*, B4 mount (since we have nice lenses already)
    3. If possible - 2 X HD-SDI outputs (I can attach passive splitter if not possible)
    4. If possible - compatible body slot to take in existing/excellent Sony DWR dual channel receivers
    5. Decent viewfinder
    6. Aspirational - lower weight and power consumption. That seems pretty much automatic with the new gen of cameras.

    The PDW-700 and F800's are still workhorses, beautiful pictures, and an almost limitless set of menu options.... but something of behemoths these days. They're relatively heavy, and run at 44 watts power consumption, meaning that multiple 155 W-Hr batteries need to be hauled along with them to be safe for lasting thru a long day of work. I have read about a compact HD camera (not Sony) that is running at 18 watts. Wow.

    I am interested to hear everyone's thoughts. Staying ENG & shoulder mount integrated style is imperative, as we have different operators of these rigs, we're all getting older, and we need to be able to quick-draw, power up, focus, compose, and shoot. No adding rods, plates, what have you. I may be dating myself here... never mind!

    * I'm inherently suspicious of any camera built around an image sensor smaller than this, being broadcast-standard work, but if you have proof of concept in a " or ⅓" sensor (with associated lensing), I 'm open minded. In this case, we'd relegate dedicated lenses to these cameras, knowing that we cannot interchange them with anything else. Probably ditto for zoom demand units, I would have to guess.
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    You have just described exactly what the Z450 and Z750 are all about. Order now.

    Doug Jensen, Sony camcorder instructor


      Good morning Doug, and thanks as always for the abundant information. And your presentation is exceptionally well done.

      My only issue here is that this is a bit TOO much investment for what we're doing ($50K+ for 2 cameras). The work ahead is a long way from the sort of production-and-craft intensive work that this platform is capable of. We may have to accept that the rigs we build hit only a few of the features I am looking for (I would like to bring in 2 used bodies-only for under $10,000). One thing that I did notice from the list of specs (PXW-Z450) is the power efficiency - 24-26 watts. ( That is impressive; almost down 50% on the PDW-F800.

      In appreciation - Grant.