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Panavision SSR-1 Sony compatible?

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    Originally posted by Jacob "Gray" Sundal View Post
    I've been researching the various devices that can interface with the multipin connector.
    I own a SRW and a broken IF box and the CODEX M recorder caught my eye. Ever since it's invention I noticed that the demand was there because there was also the Panavision SSR-1 competing with it.

    Has anyone ever known of a person that secured one of these decommissioned SSR-1 units? Do you think the SSR-1 would work on a Sony F series camera?

    If yes, do you think the inverse (Codex M on Panavision Genesis) would successfully record signal?
    To loop back to the original question. Just open up the box, have a look and take photos, making it work shouldn't be too hard, but not cheap probably.

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