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Gulls and dozers

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    FS7: Gulls and dozers

    A few clips, rought cut. Birds and dozers. fs7 and 18-105 4k cinelog3, Alexa Lut. Distortion lens compensated in DVR.
    This is what happens when the footage is grabbed from facebook and put in vimeo.

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    Peter Bosman


    I'm a little confused - why did you upload to FaceBook, the 'grab' and re-upload to Vimeo? Was it an exercise in illustrating how terribly FB compression can destroy footage (especially of birds)!?

    Regardless, I'd be keen to see a "straight-to-Vimeo" version of the footage, as some of the shots look really beautiful. Nice work finding such an unusual scene and shooting it! Was it shot on one of the sony lenses?

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    Sum Ergo Edo.



      Here is an example of a longer vimeo version (advice: skip interview 0.53-130).

      Shot wit cheap sony 18-105 and vintage nikkor 50-300
      and sigma 150-600 sports (Behind a wall during winfdforce 7-8 bft).

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      Peter Bosman


        About that alexa lut... I only just noticed it myself.

        You should check out Jayaretv on YT. He has a video where he grades slog3 and the first thing he did was doing a color space transform to arri clog.... instantly made the slog footage nicer to look at.... after which he added a rec709 at the end of the node table and graded behind it.

        Anyways, a bit off topic, but what you wrote made me think of it